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Current Career Opportunities at SFI

SFI Inc. seeks out motivated and skilled professionals for full-time employment. Current job openings are listed below.


Senior Director, Science and Conservation

The Senior Director of Science and Conservation will support SFI’s conservation programs by providing expertise and guidance toward the attainment of critical conservation outcomes, and managing stakeholder relationships in several key areas, including relationships with conservation grantees in complex projects requiring close SFI engagement and guidance. This position will additionally conceptualize, strategize and manage projects and partnerships to advance understanding of conservation-related attributes of SFI, through its Conservation Impact (CI) work, including conceiving and implementing research initiatives, and building creative partnerships with external organizations. The Senior Director will manage the Conservation Impact Sounding Board to ensure consistent engagement of diverse interests, and of foremost experts to ensure the highest degree of process credibility, and utility of CI data. He/she will coordinate with senior staff to communicate the results of conservation impact projects, engage in partnerships to utilize such information, ensure the relevancy of this work, and serve as a spokesperson in behalf of SFI at appropriate venues.

This position will span the Unites States and Canada, and will work cooperatively with SFI staff, SFI Program Participants, and partner organizations in both countries.

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Advanced degree in ecology, biology, natural resources management, environmental management, landscape ecology or related field. Phd preferred.
  • At least five years of leadership experience working in conservation science, forestry or sustainability, with experience in conceiving or managing research projects and/or working closely with researchers.
  • Direct experience with conservation aspects of managed forests, and/or forest certification preferred.

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Director, Partnerships and Education

Directeur ou directrice, Partenariats et Éducation

The Director of Partnerships and Education will support SFI’s community engagement and environmental education work in Canada by managing stakeholder relationships in multiple areas – through its Community Partnerships grants, its memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with key community partners, and through Project Learning Tree (PLT) and its Canadian SFI Implementation Committees (SICs).

The Director of Partnerships and Education will also support SFI's communications work in Canada, especially with SFI looking to further strengthen its position in the marketplace and create long-term value for SFI’s broad community through our conservation and community focused work. This position will work closely with the other communications team members and the entire SFI staff to create compelling and strategic communications content, and in the attainment of stakeholder relations goals, across Canada.

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • University degree in education, natural resources, environmental management, sustainability, or related field.
  • At least five years of experience working in education, conservation, forestry, or sustainability.
  • Familiarity with environmental education, sustainability issues, and/or forest certification.
  • Perfect fluency in French (written and oral) and strong English language skills.

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Manager, Communications

The Communications Manager will work closely with the Sr. Director of Communications, the Director of Communications and Marketing, the other members of the Communications Team, and will engage with the entire SFI staff across multiple program areas. Work will be focused on creating compelling and strategic communications content to advance the mission of SFI. In particular, this person will play an important role in integrating PLT communications with SFI as well as helping to manage PLT’s communications with educators. 

Education/Experience Requirements:

  • University degree in natural resources, sustainability, communications, journalism, or related field
  • At least three years working in communications or marketing field
  • Familiarity with forest sustainability issues in the U.S. or Canada is an asset
  • Other languages (French, Spanish) a plus

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