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External Review Panel

The SFI External Review Panel is an independent body of experts that provides diverse perspectives and expertise to the SFI program while contributing to quality assurance and continuous improvement. This volunteer panel is made up of 15 to 18 external experts representing conservation, environmental, forestry, academic, public and government organizations. The SFI External Review Panel selects its own members for their individual expertise and experience, following an election process set out in its charter. It develops its own agenda to represent the public interest as an outside observer of the SFI program. 

The panel’s oversight helps ensure SFI Inc.’s annual progress report and the data in it are objective, meaningful and credible.

The panel also monitors the SFI Standard revision process, which happens every five years, to ensure it is open and fair.  Independent oversight was provided at each stage of the revision process by the SFI External Review Panel. The SFI External Review Panel reviewed every public comment submitted to ensure that all comments were considered, and to guarantee the Standard revision process was transparent, objective and credible. 

Formal complaints regarding the disposition of comments shall be submitted in writing to the External Review Panel Secretariat (http://sfierp.org/erpfaq) for review. The ERP shall acknowledge receipt of all complaints, impartially and objectively review all complaints and provide feedback to the Forum regarding complaints where additional review and potential action by the Forum is warranted. Once resolved, the decision on the complaint and the complaint process shall be communicated to the complainant.


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