External Review Panel

The SFI External Review Panel is an independent group of 15 distinguished volunteer experts representing conservation, environmental, forestry, academic, and public/government organizations.

This panel provides an ongoing, independent review of the SFI program. It advises the SFI Inc. Board of Directors on ways to improve the quality of the program to make it more successful in achieving its mission. The panel’s oversight helps ensure SFI Inc.’s annual progress report and the data in it are objective, meaningful and credible.

The panel monitors the SFI Standard review process, which happens every five years, to ensure it is open and fair. At the conclusion of the 18-month process that led to the SFI 2010-2014 Standard, Past Panel Chair Michael Goergen, Executive Vice-President of the Society of American Foresters said: “The review was truly a model of open, transparent and responsible consideration of public input, scientific and economic factors, and conflicting demands. The SFI program has grown and evolved over time, largely due to its willingness to work with individuals and groups who share its dedication to responsible forest management in North America.”

The SFI External Review Panel selects its own members for their individual expertise and experience, following an election process set out in its charter. It develops its own agenda to represent the public interest as an outside observer of the SFI program.