September 16-18, 2014 | Montreal, Quebec

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SFI Program Participant:
(Includes all SFI participants and certificate holders, SFI Board of Directors, ERP & SICs; and US PEFC certificate holders)


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It Starts at Home Registration Discount

New Customer Discount:

How do you discuss the value of SFI with your business partners, suppliers, customers or colleagues? You take them to the SFI Conference. There's an incentive for those who spread the word ahead of the conference: bring a first-time SFI conference attendee (outside of your organization) and receive a 15% discount on your registration and the customers. Invite your customer, your government or conservation contact, or anyone from across your supply-chain and help us reach out to new partners! To take advantage of this discount, please contact Amy Doty at amy.doty@sfiprogram.org or (202.596.3458).

Multiple Employee Discount:

When 3 or more individuals from a single company register at the same time, each individual will receive a 10% discount on their registration.  Be sure to register as a group within the registration system to take advantage of this great offer.  If you have any questions, please contact Amy Doty at amy.doty@sfiprogram.org or (202.596.3458).