September 16-18, 2014 | Montreal, Quebec

Speaker Bios

Thank you to all of the speakers at the 2014 SFI Annual Conference. Below you will find PowerPoints to various presentations made.



Robert Abernethy

Executive Director, Longleaf Alliance

Robert is a leading voice for longleaf pine restoration across the US South. He will share how NGOs, agencies and the forest product sector are cooperating to  restore this critical ecosystem.

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Dr. Mark Anderson

Director of Conservation Science
The Nature Conservancy Northeast Region

Mark is recognized for his research on resilient ecosystems. He will address the importance of forest legacies in managed forests and their impact on forest health at a landscape and regional scale.

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Charles "Chip" Barber

Senior Manager, Forests Program
World Resources Institute (WRI)

Chip plays a leading role in WRI's work to combat illegal logging and deforestation globally. He will highlight public-private initiatives including the Forest Legality Alliance, Global Forest Watch and a global forest restoration initiative.

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Robert Bonnie

Under Secretary of Natural Resources and Environment
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Robert has deep experience as a government policy leader. He will highlight recent U.S.  government actions related to sustainable forest management, including the 2014 Farm Bill, which provides significant investments in forest conservation and assistance to landowners for stewardship practices. Robert will also discuss the President’s Climate Action Plan, which is fostering opportunities for forests to play a role in mitigating climate change.


Elder Andrew Deslisle

Former Chief of Kahnawake

Elder Deslisle is a former Chief and Grand Chief of the Mohawks of Kahnawake.  He is a lifelong leader in developing institutions to benefit First Nations people across Canada and has been recognized for his accomplishments many times.  Elder Deslisle will provide an aboriginal welcome to Kahnawake Mohawk Territory.


Anne Giardini

Officer and Director of Weyerhaeuser Company Limited

Anne is a respected, independent voice in corporate boardrooms. She will discuss a variety of topics from a SFI Board of Directors perspective, including thoughts of what standing for Future Forests means for the SFI program.



JP Gladu

President & CEO
Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

JP’s experience in the natural resource sector includes work with Aboriginal communities and organizations, environmental non-government organizations, industry and governments. He will speak to the successes of Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) and the importance of engaging aboriginal people in the forest sector.

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James Griffiths

Former Director, Forest Solutions Group of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Former Director, Forest Solutions Group of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

James brings wide-ranging experience to international brand management. James will speak to the opportunities and challenges facing brand owners in a global market place as well as WBCSD members’ commitment to grow certification through the value chain.

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James (Jim) Hannan

CEO and President, Georgia Pacific LLC

Jim is a leading voice in the forest products sector. He will highlight a variety of topics from a SFI Board of Directors perspective, including thoughts of what standing for Future Forests means for the SFI program.


John Lounds

President and CEO
The Nature Conservancy of Canada

John is a nationally respected environmental leader. He will discuss NCC’s  ambitious five-year program with funding from the Government of Canada to conserve additional lands across Canada. John will speak to the role of forests in this conservation program.

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Tony Monroe

Northwest Native Architecture

Tony brings a wealth of green building experience to his role. He will provide an overview of the Green Native Council’s standards to help Native communities design and build certified green and sustainable buildings, and to train tribal members in inspection and certification practices. Tony also explains the value of these standards to Native and rural communities and others.



Carlton Owen

President and CEO, US Endowment for Forestry and Communities

Carlton has been at the forefront of environmental innovation for more than 35 years. He will highlight a variety of US Endowment's community and conservation initiatives promoting sustainable forests and fostering sustainable communities. Hear how their recently awards SFI Conservation and Community Partnership Grant is helping trusted local partners to engage minority landowners in the U.S. South, focusing on sustainable forest management as a generational land retention strategy.



Mark Rodgers

COO, Habitat for Humanity Canada

Mark is known as a community builder across Canada. He will speak about the wide variety of cooperative efforts between Habitat for Humanity Canada and SFI Inc. to build communities.




Larry Selzer

President and CEO, The Conservation Fund
SFI Board Chairman

Larry is an environmental leader with a track record as an independent board member. As chairman of the SFI Inc. Board of Directors, Larry will discuss the conservation opportunities arising from the SFI certification footprint and beyond.



Greg Siekaniec

CEO, Ducks Unlimited Canada

Greg brings passion and vision to his role as an environmental leader. He will discuss the boreal forest, its significance to migratory bird conservation, the goal of conserving working and pristine forests, and working cooperatively with the breadth of interested parties in this landscape.



Joel Sartore
Photographer for National Geographic

Joel Sartore's work as a photographer for National Geographic has spanned every continent and involved a lifetime of close encounters. Joel has flown in a plane that went into a tailspin, dodged a charging Muskox, and convinced a polar bear not to hitch a ride in his pickup. But that's just part of his human highlight reel. Hear Joel's stories come to life in the award-winning pictures that have inspired people around the world to understand that when we save a species we are actually saving ourselves.


Hans Wegner

Former Chief Sustainability Officer, National Geographic Society

Hans shares insights on over four decades of experience working at the Society. Hear how National Geographic reduced its environmental impact across the organization. Hans will also share the latest news on the SFI Forest Partners® Program.

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