Now is your time to join us for our special 20th anniversary celebration in standing for future forests and learn how together we are Growing Our Future. Each year our Annual Conference provides an opportunity for the SFI community — from landowner to brandowner, conservation and community organizations, university professionals and students, government agencies to resource professionals — to come together and learn about new research in conservation; renew partnerships and make new ones; and exchange ideas about how to improve forestry practices for the sake of healthy, thriving forests upon which all of us rely. In short the SFI Annual Conference is a time to connect, cooperate, grow and improve.


Growing Our Future

  • Are you interested in global market trends and how they will impact North American forests?
  • Do you care about responsible sourcing of natural resources? 
  • Do you wonder whether skyscrapers will be built out of wood in the future? 
  • Have you considered what the ripple effect would be if kids connected with forests instead of the internet? 
  • What are the risks to the supply chain, to our economy, to forests in general, if we don't secure a future generation to care for our forests and to harvest them responsibly?

If you wonder about these things, then come to the SFI 20th Anniversary Annual Conference. You'll engage in discussions about these topics and many more. If you don't wonder about these things...well we think you should, because the future of our forests affects everyone.

Come together with some of the foremost thought leaders in the forest sector to celebrate SFI's successes and embrace the opportunities of the future. We expect over 300 attendees - big enough to matter but still the right scale to establish real connections. 


Highlights from Past SFI Annual Conferences

Watch the highlights from the 2014 SFI Annual Conference in Montreal, Quebec September 16-18, 2014 and the 2013 SFI Annual Conference that took place in San Antonio, Texas September 17-19, 2013 – key speaker take-aways, awards ceremony, conference participants, exhibitor booths, and all the fun that was had by all.