Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Welcome and Opening Remarks





Delegates will be welcomed to the conference and to the State of California, and receive an update on the latest progress and future opportunities for the SFI program.


Kathy Abusow, President & CEO, SFI Inc.


Herman Fillmore, Language Teacher for the Washoe Cultural Resource Department


Craig Blair, Chairman of the SFI Board of Directors and President and CEO, Resource Management Service LLC



Duane Shintaku, Deputy Director for Resource Management, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

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Bill Street, Chairmant of PEFC International





Stewardship and Partnership - Two Essential Ingredients for Success

Chuck Leavell, Tree Farmer - principal keyboard player with the Rolling Stones for over 30 years, respected author, tree farmer and environmentalist



SFI Founder's Reception

Celebrating those who played a key role in founding the SFI program in 1995 and its success in the early years. Watch our SFI Founders share some words.



Wednesday, October 7, 2015


First Annual SFI 5K Fun Run/Walk



Student/Mentor Meet & Greet for Recipients of Student Sponsors




Global Sustainability Issues and Trends

Malcolm Preston, Global Sustainability Leader, PwC, London, UK

Known as an "expert generalist" on numerous sustainability issues, Malcolm leads a 700-strong team of sustainability and climate change experts at PwC. Malcolm will discuss numerous sustainability issues in a forest supply chain context, including global mega trends, policies, and initiatives that can positively or negatively impact your supply chain depending on how you position your organization.

"CEOs believe business should do more than make a profit. Seventy five percent of CEOs believe satisfying societal needs, beyond those of investors, customers and employees, and protecting the interests of future generations, is important." 

— Malcolm Preston, Global Sustainability Leader, PwC, London, UK

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Risk and Reward in Forest-Based Supply Chains

Brandowners have always placed high legal and sustainability demands on the products they buy, be it wood, paper or packaging. This session will discuss the risks in forest based supplies, the tools brandowners are using to add value in their supply chains and how to weigh the risk and reward in decision-making and customer relations.

Session Leader: Katie Fernholz, Dovetail Partners



"The SFI Forest Partners Program is a mechanism to demonstrate that customers do care about responsible sourcing of products and that SFI is a proof point for sustainable forestry." 

— Guy Gleysteen, Senior Vice President, Production, Time Inc. and SFI Board Member




Sheam Satkuru-Granzella, Vice-Chairman of PEFC Board of Directors and Director of the Malaysian Timber Council



John Westling Jr., Senior Buyer of Paper Goods, Walmart




Avoiding Deforestation and Integrating Corporate Values into Global Supply Chains

Many global corporate brands have made policy commitments for zero deforestation. This has been driven by organizations like the Consumer Goods Forum, which passed a 2010 resolution for their members to achieve zero net deforestation by 2020. Forest certification is recognized as a tool to deliver on such commitments, but clearly certification sets a much higher hurdle than the avoidance of deforestation or illegal logging and clearly corporations must manage supply chains for more than a single issue or a single value proposition. Join in a discussion that cuts to the chase on why zero deforestation has emerged as the new hot topic and why organizations like The Forest Trust might be knocking on your door asking supply chain questions that address a range of brandowner values.

Discussion Leaders:


Toby Webb, Founder of Innovation Forum



Scott Poynton, Founder and Executive Director of The Forest Trust




Annual Awards Luncheon




A Founders's Reflection on the Future of Wood Markets

Stephen Lovett, CEO, Softwood Lumber Board
Stephen will briefly describe the impacts of Softwood Lumber Board programs and reflect on recent changes in the marketplace that rest on a foundation of assurance provided by sustainable forest management and certfiication.

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Forest Conservation Meets the Real World - How SFI is Forging the Future of Forest Conservation in Key Landscapes Today

Beyond the research requirements of the SFI Standards, SFI Program Participants and partners engage in conservation initiatives and collaborate with globally recognized conservation organizations, in projects that reflect the diversity of forests across North America. As our scale has grown, so have the breadth, complexity and creativity of approaches employed by SFI Program Participants and their conservation partners. Learn about how SFI's conservation impact is growing, what it adds up to in critical landscapes, and about cutting edge collaborations that are stretching the bounds of traditional conservation to ensure the health and vitality of our future forest.

Session Leader: Paul Trianosky, VP, Conservation and External Affairs, SFI Inc.

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Andrew Schock, Georgia State Director, The Conservation Fund

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Session Leader: Andrew de Vries, VP, Conservation and Indigenous Relations, SFI Inc.

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"Science clearly shows that declines among many forest birds, like the golden-winged warbler, can only now be reversed through more active management. Our work with SFI and its program participants is designed specifically to identify means of advancing bird conservation across millions of acres. There's a lot of land and a lot of opportunity in this partnership."

— George Fenwick, President, American Bird Conservancy

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"In my view caribou will need to be the priority for forest management planning and landscape management decisions. Grizzly bears will do fine as long as we can reduce human caused mortality."

—Gordon Stenhouse, Adjunct Professor, University of Saskatchewan

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Influencing Consumer Buying Patterns to Shape the Future of the Forest Products Sector

Jason Metnick, Senior Vice President, Customer Outreach, SFI Inc.

Jason will highlight research and findings around environmental marketing and labeling.



SFI Implementation Committees - Making a Difference in Local Communities

SFI Implementation Committees are our strongest asset when it comes to community leadership. This grassroots network works with local conservation groups, government agencies, forestry and professional associations, landowner groups and many others to conduct landowner outreach and community engagement activities. SFI Implementation Committees are a critical part of our work promoting the SFI Standards, collaborating on the training of harvesting professionals and connecting people and communities to the forest. This panel will elevate and celebrate three SICs in particular whose recent projects go above and beyond the ordinary and take extraordinary steps to connect our communities to the forest.

Session Leader: Liz Woodworth, VP, Communications and Community Engagement

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Panelists: Pennsylvania SIC | Mississippi SIC | Maine SIC

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Thursday, October 8, 2015


From Local to Global


Tom Martin, President, American Forest Foundation


Ben Gunneberg, Secretary General, PEFC

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Future Forests Through an Economic Lens


Peter Stewart, President and CEO, Forest2Market

Pete will address the future of the forest sector, emerging markets affecting the forestry industry and wood supply and demand drivers in the North American forest products industry.

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Keynote Address with Michael Green, Architect


Michael Green, Architect, MGA | Michael Green Architecture

Innovation in architecture, wood skyscrapers, and the future of tall wood buildings. In recent years, tall wood projects have been proposed and completed around the world, demonstrating successful applications of engineered wood and mass timber technologies. Leading architect Michael Green will share the importance of innovative design, research, testing, and responsible forest management in successfully shifting tall wood building into mainstream urban architecture.



Green Buildings, Tall Buildings and the Future of Wood Fiber in Design and Construction

Fiber from trees is being used in new and exciting ways. Over the past several years, a number of tall wood projects have been proposed and or completed around the world, demonstrating successful applications of new wood and mass timber technologies. Share with the audience the importance of research, responsible forest management, and innovative design in successfully getting tall wooden structures into mainstream urban architecture.

Session Leader: Nadine Block, VP, Government Affairs & COO, SFI Inc.


Jennifer Cover, Executive Director, WoodWorks

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Pat Layton, Director of the Wood Utilization and Design Institute at Clemson University


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Conference Adjourns