Speaker Bios

Speakers are being added continually. Please check regularly for updates.


Craig Blair

Chairman, SFI Inc. Board of Directors and
President and CEO, Resource Management Service LLC

Craig will provide opening remarks, and will set the stage for the sessions to follow.


Jennifer Cover

Executive Director

Jennifer will discuss WoodWorks' new partnership with the US Department of Agriculture, which provides outreach and training to architects and builders related to the innovative use of wood materials in non-residential construction, and which supports the Administration's goals related to the role of forests in mitigating climate change and strengthening rural economies.



George Fenwick
American Bird Conservancy

George will discuss how ABC is actively engaging forest managers across North America to ensure bird habitat recommendations are shaped by the practical aspects of sustainable forest management.


Guy Gleysteen

Senior Vice President, Production
Time Inc.

Guy will speak from a brandowner perspective on the SFI Forest Partners® Program, as well as provide insights on GreenBlue's value innovation work and the progress being made by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition.


Michael Green

Leading Architect
MGA | Michael Green Architecture

Keynote speaker Michael Green to discuss innovation in architecture, wood skyscrapers, and the future of tall wood buildings. In recent years, tall wood projects have been proposed and completed around the world, demonstrating successful applications of engineered wood and mass timber technologies. Michael will share the importance of innovative design, research, testing, and responsible forest management in successfully shifting tall wood building into mainstream urban architecture.


Ben Gunneberg

Secretary General

Ben will provide a global perspective about future innovation challenges to certification and highlight critical issues that the certification movement will need to address, globally and locally, including carbon and the role of intensive forest management.


Anna Kendall

Mississippi SFI Implementation Committee

Anna will discuss the committee's annual tour forestland certified to SFI for Mississipp State University architecture students, to learn about the benefits of sustainable forest products in green building design.


Pat Layton

Director of the Wood Utilization and Design Institute at Clemson University

Pat will discuss the Institute's outreach to the architect and builder community about the use of wood-based products in sustainable and resilient building construction, and how the Institute is growing markets and new technologies for forest products including southern yellow pine.


Paul Lyskava

Pennsylvania SFI Implementation Committee

Pat will discuss the committee's outreach to high school students on logger training. Hear how this next generation of potential loggers and natural resource professionals is learning about the benefits of choosing a career in sustainable forestry.


Tom Martin

President and CEO, American Forest Foundation

Pat will discuss AFF’s efforts to help family forest owners play a key local role in protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat and other forest benefits, while at the same time contributing to the growing need for sustainable wood supplies through tools including ATFS certification. Tom will also highlight AFF’s innovative methods to reach and engage woodland owners.


Ken Pimlott

State Forester for California, and
Director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Ken will speak about the key forest health issues facing the region, namely drought and wildfire, and the role of responsible forest management and community engagement as critical solutions to address these crises.


Scott Poynton

Founder and Executive Director of The Forest Trust

Scott has been promoting supply chain solutions through his work with large brandowners to set policies based on The Forest Trust's (TFT) Value, Transparency, Transformation and Verification (VT-TV) model. During this informative session, hear about TFT's role in advising brandowners on how to address their corporate values throughout their supply chains.


Malcolm Preston

Global Sustainability Leader
PwC, London, UK

Malcolm leads a 700-strong team of sustainability and climate change experts. Malcolm will discuss numerous sustainability issues in a forest supply chain context, including global mega trends, policies, and initiatives that can positively or negatively impact your supply chain depending on how you position your organization.


Sheam Satkuru-Granzella
Vice-Chairman of PEFC Board of Directors, and
Director of the Malaysian Timber Council

As a specialist in international trade with strong experience in legal and policy analysis relating to the timber and forest industries, Sheam will offer her perspective on the role of sustainability in trade of forest products.


Andrew Schock

Georgia State Director
The Conservation Fund

Andrew will speak about the first large landscape-level model for reestablishing and conserving longleaf pine habitat on privately-owned land. Learn how this 205,000 acre sustainable working forest across Alabama and Florida will address the dual benefits of environmental and economic outcomes of forest certification.


Pat Sirois

Maine SFI Implementation Committee

Pat will discuss a partnership with Pine Tree Camp, a summer camp for Maine children and adults with disabilities, to help open seven new camper cabins with materials donated by the Maine SFI Program Participants. Also hear how the committee is bringing together stakeholders to protect habitats for Atlantic salmon and native brook trout through the Fisheries Improvement Network.


Gordon Stenhouse

Adjunct Professor
University of Saskatchewan

As a world leading bear research, Gordon will speak about how he is assisting SFI Program Participants with integrating the needs of caribou and grizzly bear in the landscape of the western boreal forest.


Pete Stewart

President and CEO

Pete will address the future of forest sector, emerging markets affecting the forest industry and wood supply and demand drivers in the North American forest products industry.


William (Bill) Street

PEFC Chairman

Bill will draw from his expertise in working with a range of stakeholders on sustainability issues to provide a perspective on collaboration at a global scale and considerations for growing our future forests.  Bill is the former Chief of Staff for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, one of the largest industrial trade unions in North America, Director of the Global Wood and Forester Programme for Builders and Woodworkers International, the world's largest forest trade union federation, and is a former SFI Board member.


Toby Webb

Founder of Innovation Forum

Toby has been building bridges and understanding between academia, industry, conservation interests and policy makers, providing a platform to discuss important corporate sustainability issues, like zero net deforestation and avoidance of illegal logging.    


John Westling Jr.

Senior Buyer of Paper Goods

John will speak on Walmart's perspective related to forest based supply chains, and tools that Walmart uses to assess and rate forest products such as the Sustainability Index. John will also talk about Walmart's new efforts to promote and recognize sustainability leaders in their supply chain.