Continuing Education Credits


This program was reviewed and approved for professional continuing forestry education credits by the Society of American Foresters (SAF), the Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF), and The Wildlife Society (TWS).


Society of American Foresters (SAF)

This program meets SAF Continuing Forestry Education guidelines and standards. Participants can receive credit for 9.0 hours, Category 1.

Stop by at the SFI conference registration desk and complete the Society of American Foresters CFE Attendance Form to ensure you receive the appropriate SAF CFE credits. 


Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF)

This program meets CIF's Continuing Forestry Education requirements, and participants can receive 8.25 CEUs/Contact Hours (credits accrue at the rate of one hour for each hour of actual content).

To apply for CIF Continuing Forestry Education credits, click here


The Wildlife Society (TWS)

This program meets TWS' Certified Wildlife Biologist Renewal/Professional Development Credit Program. Participants can receive credit for 9 CEUS in Category 1.

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American Institute of Architets (AIA)

The SFI Annual Conference is approved for 1 LU/HSW by the American Institute of Architects.  To receive the 1 LU/HSW visit the SFI registration desk to complete the AIA attendance form.

Course number - SFIAC92716 A

Course Title - Sustainable Forestry Initiative Annual Conference - Linking Future Forests to Communities

Course Description - 
The 2016 Sustainable Forestry Initiative Conference - Linking Forests to Communities – will bring together people interested in strengthening the vital links between healthy forests, responsible purchasing and sustainable communities. The conference will cover topics including landscape conservation, customer engagement, forests and maintaining healthy watersheds, fostering youth connections to forests, encouraging the next generation of natural resource professionals, and the carbon marketplace and climate resiliency.

Credit Designation - 

Course Format - Instructur-led face-to-face

Four (4) Learning objectives (LO)

  1. Discuss SFI standards as mechanisms for sustainable forest management, verified supply chains, and responsible procurement of forest fiber.
  2. Examine the connections between using forest products as a desirable, renewable resource, and protecting and expanding forests, through research, conservation, and strong community programs.
  3. Explore the need for science-based information to help consumers understand the conservation-related values of responsible forest management.
  4. Apply the new Alternative Compliance Path to get LEED credits for using legal, responsible, and certified-sourced forest products in projects.

Primary Point of Contact (PPOC)

Amy M. Doty Manager
Community Outreach
Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc.
2121 K Street, NW, Suite 750
Washington, DC 20037
Ph: 202.596.3458