Speakers are being added continually. Please check regularly for updates.


Craig Blair

Chairman, SFI Inc. Board of Directors and
President and CEO, Resource Management Service LLC

Craig will moderate the Empowering Communities in Building the Future Forest session.


Chris Davidson

Director, Corporate Sustainability, WestRock

Chris will moderate the Innovation in Engaging Stakeholders in the Forest Products Supply Chain session.


Dustin Davis

Associate, Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects

Dustin will share why he is one of the first architects to apply for the new LEED Alternative Compliance Path, and source SFI certified wood, on a project in Arkansas. Dustin brings over 15 years of experience and is responsible for the coordination of the sustainable efforts in all of his firm’s LEED projects.



Nina Goodrich

Executive Director, GreenBlue

Nina will speak on GreenBlue’s work in engaging stakeholders to address sustainability issues throughout the life cycle of a product, as well as the Sustainable Packaging Coalitions work around innovation in packaging. Learn about the latest developments with their Value Innovation Process to help identify efficient, cost-effective and scalable models for brandowners when sourcing forest based products. 


John Hagan

President, Manomet
SFI Inc. Board of Directors member

John will set the stage for the "Climate Resiliency and the Carbon Marketplace" panel by highlighting why managed forests are the perfect mechanism for adapting to a changing climate.  He will also discuss the important role of carbon sequestration in mitigating climate change, and the need to develop policy and market mechanisms that reward forest landowners for their contributions.


Healy Hamilton

Chief Scientist and Vice President, Conservation Science

Healy will speak about NatureServe’s efforts to quantify biodiversity values in well-managed forests, and more broadly on the topic of the biodiversity values in these forests.

Elder Bobby Henry

Seminole Tribe of Florida

Elder Bobby Henry, Seminole Tribe of Florida, will provide a traditional tribal welcome and offer perspectives from the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Jim Hubbard

Deputy Chief, State and Private Forestry

Jim will speak about the US Forest Service’s efforts to promote the coordinated conservation of natural resources across all lands and all ownerships. Jim will also address how the recent engagement of large landowners, in coordination with the SFI program, will advance our collective conservation goals and the effectiveness of conservation action on these lands. 




Dylan Jenkins

Vice President of Portfolio Development, Finite Carbon

Dylan will offer his insights on the forest carbon offset marketplace, and in particular the opportunities and challenges for large certified forest landowners.


Mark Johnston

Senior Research Scientist, Saskatchewan Research Council

Mark will discuss how SRC is developing practical methods for quantifying carbon sequestration in upland boreal forests and wetlands.


Jim Karels

State Forester, Florida Forest Service

Jim will provide a “Florida welcome” and highlight why the Florida Forest Service chose to get its forest management operations certified to the SFI standard as part of the SFI Forest Partners® Program. Jim will also speak about Florida’s leadership as a public agency in protecting water quality, engaging private landowners, and enhancing forest health.


Vince Keeler

Director of Forestry, Center for Heirs' Property Preservation

Vince will discuss the work of Center for Heirs Property Preservation and the importance of capturing the value of minority family forestlands across multiple generations.


Tom Martin

President, American Forest Foundation

Tom will speak about AFF’s Southern Initiative for Wood and Wildlife, and specifically a report slated for publication in September, which will include analysis of fiber supplies and wildlife habitat on family woodlands. Tom will also provide updates on other regional projects, including their Florida landscape management plan pilot project and their coordination with SFI on increasing small land certification through innovative approaches which contribute to achieving the goals of the SFI Forest Partners® program.


Glenn Mason

Assistant Deputy Minister, National Capital Region
Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada

Glenn will share his views on the ecological, social and environmental benefits of Canadian managed forests and the work of the Canadian Forest Service on market acceptance in the supply chain and innovation. 


Alison McGee

Coastal Plain Project Director, The Nature Conservancy

Alison will describe the forest restoration work facilitated by an SFI Conservation Grant, which is engaging urban youth in forest restoration, and helping stimulate potential interest in natural resource careers.


Bonnie Nixon

Senior Partner, ERM

Bonnie will share insights from her over 30 years in the corporate sustainability world where she served as Executive Director of The Sustainability Consortium, Director of Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing for Hewlett-Packard and most recently led Corporate Social Responsibility at Mattel. She will identify the key messages and information that resonate with brandowners, and discuss the best ways to communicate this information which in turn will provide value to organizations who are SFI certified.


Kelly Olney

Manager, Yakama Forest Products

Kelly will present on how the Yakama Nation connects their community’s traditional land values to their modern economy and other parties on the landscape, and how SFI certification assist in addressing Yakama values.


Tedrick Ratcliff

Executive Vice President, Mississippi Forestry Association

Tedrick will share how the TIMB(R) project, funded through the SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant Program, is raising awareness about the new LEED ACP among architects.


Matthew Reddy

Director, Forest Solutions Group, World Business Council on Sustainable Development

Matthew will discuss the role of corporate procurement decisions and key performance indicators for forest management supply chains in driving global sustainable development.


Bettina Ring

State Forester, Virginia Department of Forestry
SFI Inc. Board of Directors member

Bettina will share highlights of a new partnership between Virginia, Pennsylvania, and local leaders to identify policy options, incentives, and planning tools localities can use to quantify potential impacts of land conversion on water quality and demonstrate water filtration savings through forestland retention strategies.


Sean Ross

Director, Forest Operations, Lyme Timber

Sean will speak about Lyme Timber’s experience stepping into the forest carbon marketplace, highlight the synergies with SFI certification, and offer insights for other land managers exploring this arena.


Christy Slay

Director, Research, The Sustainability Consortium

Christy will speak on how The Sustainability Consortium is working to improve the sustainability of consumer products and provide tools for brandowners to help assess these products. Learn about TSC’s paper and pulp commodity mapping project, which is used to determine risks of deforestation around the world.


John Stewart

Director, Corporate Engagement and Sustainability
Boy Scouts of America

John will discuss how BSA is building sustainable forestry into their programs, and how BSA walks the talk by certifying forests.


Dorothy Thompson

CEO, Drax Group PLC
Chair, Sustainable Biomass Partnership Board

Dorothy will offer her perspective as head of a global energy company and Chairman of the Sustainable Biomass Partnership, regarding the challenges and opportunities facing the global pellet market and the contributions of forest certification in assuring the sustainability of forest fiber for that market.


Dana Villeneuve

Sustainability Specialist, New Belgium Brewing Company 

Dana will share insights about New Belgium’s approach to honoring nature at every turn of the business, with an emphasis on their water conservation & advocacy efforts. Additionally, Dana will discuss the brand owner’s perspective on the necessity of transparency within the supply chain, and the environmental metrics which New Belgium reports and manages toward.


Paul Winistorfer

PhD, Dean, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Virginia Tech

Paul Winistorfer, PhD, Dean, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Virginia Tech, will address the challenges and opportunities university programs face in building the forestry professionals of the future.