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World Resources Institute: The Forest Legality Risk Tool

Project Overview

Beginning in 2010, World Resources Institute received  $30,000 each year over three years, for a total of $90,000 to create The Forest Legality Alliance Risk Tool, an open access, map-based, global information hub so users can conduct due diligence on forest trade. This project’s target audience is stakeholders who make decisions regarding investment and procurement in which the risk of illegal logging is an important factor  such as importers and traders of forest products; investors in forest management and supply chains; and certifiers and verifiers of forest management and supply chains. The Risk Tool will help to reduce the proportion of wood and forest products of illegal origin imported into the United States by informing costumers of risk prone areas and forest species of concern.  In the long term, demand for illegally harvested wood in tropical and other biodiversity-rich forests is expected to decrease, and this will improve the reputation of forest products globally as a responsible choice.

Supporting the SFI Standard

This project supports the SFI Legality Requirements and Policies for Avoidance of Illegal Logging (Section 7 of the Requirements for the SFI 2010-2014), Objective 12: "To broaden the practice of sustainable forestry by avoidance of illegal logging", and Objective 13: "To broaden the practice of sustainable forestry by avoiding controversial sources."

Project Partners

The Risk Tool is one project of The Forest Legality Alliance, which is made up of many retail, industry, government and conservation organizations. The Alliance was founded by the World Resources Institute and the Environmental Investigation Agency, and receives support from the United States Agency for International Development. 

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