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Forest Trends Grant

Project Overview

In 2010 Forest Trends received $10,000 to coordinate the fourth Potomac Forum on Illegal Logging & Associated Trade. The first half of the forum was dedicated to United States and European regulations and initiatives related to forest governance. Sessions covered issues such as the Lacy act and other Federal forestry initiatives, European timber regulation, perspectives from timber traders and the state of forestry in China, Mekong Countries, Malaysia and Honduras. The second half of the forum focused on forest governance developments, the role of forest certification and relevant emerging technologies.

The Potomac Forum helped stakeholders in timber production, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, understand lessons learned regarding the Lacey Act and how it has affected North American trade. Additionally the forum raised understanding about the role of certification standards in cost effectively complying with the multitude of market and policy demands for non-controversial, legal, wood products. Participants also explored how forest certification programs assist with meeting these demands as one tool companies can use to illustrate due diligence when procuring forest products.

View Forest Trend's Fourth Potomac forum report here.

Visit Forest Trend's webpage about the forum here.

Supporting the SFI Standard

Forest Trend’s Potomac Forum supports the SFI 2010-2014 Standard requirements related to avoidance of controversial sources, including Performance Measure 12.1: "Program participants shall ensure that their fiber sourcing programs support the principles of sustainable forestry, including efforts to thwart illegal logging" and Performance Measure 13.1: "Program participants shall avoid controversial sources and encourage socially sound practices."

Project Partners

Other sponsors include the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.S. Forest Service, the Forest Legality Alliance, the Program on Forests, and the World Bank.


Forest Trends

About Forest Trends

Non-profit Forest Trends works with collaborators all over the world to advance and refine solutions to preserving the world's forests and to improve local livelihoods. It analyzes strategic market and policy issues, catalyzes connections between forward-looking producers, communities and investors, and develops new financial tools to help markets work for conservation and people.


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