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South Coast Conservation Program: Managing for Species at Risk on the British Columbia Coast

Project Overview

The South Coast Conservation Program received $60,000 in 2010 to update and expand an existing field guide/training tool on species at risk for the forestry sector; develop and deliver a training package to forestry practitioners, planners and First Nations; and complete a technical review of grizzly bear critical habitat polygons.  This project successfully brought together SFI-certified companies, including those owned by First Nations, government and conservation interests to collaboratively develop management tools and techniques to protect threaten biological diversity.

Through this grant 95 at risk species and 12 threatened plant community accounts were updated. Additionally approximately 1200 grizzly bear polygons were successfully reviewed and revised as necessary. Stringent peer review was completed for all project work. To further these efforts four workshops were held increasing knowledge of conservation management, while gaining experience towards future outreach events.

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Supporting the SFI Standard

This project contributes to a number of performance measures in the SFI 2010-2014 Standard. These include 4.1: "Program Participants shall have programs to promote biological diversity at stand- and landscape-levels" and 6.1: "Program Participants shall identify special sites and mange them in a manner appropriate for their unique features." It also contributes to performance measures related to training, building collaborative partnerships to promote sustainable forest management, public outreach and support for public land planning/management processes.

Project Partners

Partners included the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, as well as SFI program participants International Forest Products Ltd. (Interfor), and Capacity Forest Management (on behalf of nine coastal First Nations that hold tenures on the coast of British Columbia).

South Carolina Conservation Program

About the South Coast Conservation Program

The South Coast Conservation Program is a multi-partner, landscape-level conservation program whose primary objective is to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of conservation actions to maintain and restore species and ecosystems at risk on the South Coast of British Columbia.


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