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SFI Program Participants certified to the Forest Management, Fiber Sourcing and/or Chain-of-Custody Standards are required to undergo annual surveillance audits by independent and accredited certification bodies to deliver ongoing conformance. To maintain a current forest management or fiber sourcing certificate, certified Program Participants must undergo a full recertification audit every three years. To maintain a chain-of-custody certificate, full recertification must take place every five years.

Program Participants must provide a public audit summary to SFI Inc. following a certification, recertification, or surveillance audit to the Forest Management or Fiber Sourcing Standard. They must submit the summary, to be posted on the SFI website, before they can make any public claims or statements about the audit. These public audit summaries must be prepared by the independent certification body.

Public summary documents that detail the most recent full assessment and surveillance audits can be found below. Program Participants are listed alphabetically. Company names are followed by the audit date, report type, location and auditor. Click on the audit date to view or download the report in PDF format.

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Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd.
Audit PDF Report Type Location Auditor
April 2017 Registration Audit Alberta PricewaterhouseCoopers

Varn Wood Products, LLC
Audit PDF Report Type Location Auditor
October 2015 Re-certification Audit Georgia NSF-ISR

December 2016 Surveillance Audit - FS Georgia, Florida NSF-ISR

Verso Corporation
Audit PDF Report Type Location Auditor
September 2016 Surveillance Audit - FS WI, MN,MD BVC

September 2016 Re-certification Audit - FM Wisconsin BVC

September 2015 Re-certification Audit - FS WI, MN, ME BVC


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