Certified Chain of Custody label Certified Chain of Custody label SFI Certified Sourcing label

Whenever you shop — look, ask, buy SFI.

From furniture to printer paper to labels and packaging, you can find the SFI on-product label on a wide range of items you buy for the home, office and everyday life.

When you look for and buy products with the SFI label, be sure to also ask retailers and suppliers to stock more merchandise that carries it. Whether it is tissue paper, copy paper, packaged products, or paper cups and plates for your upcoming party, look for the SFI label. If you are doing home renovations or building a deck, remember there are many wood-based building products which carry the SFI label. If you don't see the SFI label, ask your supplier to start stocking it. Taking these steps means you are supporting responsible forestry today and in the future.

The SFI program has three on-product labels to help you identify exactly what you are buying: two Chain of Custody labels and one SFI certified sourcing label.

Certified Chain of Custody labels track the use of fiber from certified forests, certified sourcing and post-consumer recycled material. All of these terms are defined in the SFI Definitions.

The SFI certified sourcing label does not make claims about certified forest content, but tells you that fiber in a product comes from a company that conforms with the SFI 2015-2019 Fiber Sourcing Standard, or comes from pre- or post-consumer recycled content, or from a certified forest. All fiber must be from non-controversial sources. Read more about SFI fiber sourcing requirements.