It starts with a high standard.

SFI promotes sustainable forestry management, improved forestry practices and responsible purchasing of forest products. By following the SFI forest certification Standard, forest landowners, forest managers, forest products producers and other program participants practice responsible forestry on the lands they manage, and influence millions of additional acres in North America and globally through unique fiber sourcing requirements.

The SFI Standard includes measures requiring program participants to acquire wood from known and legal sources, conserve biological diversity, and promote socially sound practices, among other things. SFI and its partners also fund a variety of research projects to improve sustainable forestry throughout North America.

For a land manager or manufacturer to be SFI-certified and use the SFI label on products, it must pass an independent third party audit that verifies compliance with SFI’s high standards.


And lives on the ground every day.

Across the United States and Canada, thousands in our community implement and maintain our high standard in many ways. We train loggers, sponsor outreach to landowners on responsible forest management, and promote responsible forestry with partners like Habitat for Humanity and youth organizations.