Conservation & Community Partnerships Grant Program


The SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant Program fosters partnerships between organizations interested in improving forest management in the United States and Canada, and responsible procurement globally. Projects address topics of current importance such as improving wildlife habitat management and conservation of biodiversity, avoiding controversial sources of fiber such as those resulting from illegal logging, and assisting local communities through forest education programs and green building projects for low-income families.

Since the program began in 2010, SFI has awarded 38 Conservation and 28 Community Partnership grants totaling more than $1.9 million to foster research and pilot efforts to better inform future decisions about our forests. When leveraged with project partner contributions, that total investment exceeds $7.1 million.

The grant program builds on the fact that SFI is the only forest certification standard in North America that requires participants to support and engage in research activities to improve forest health, productivity and sustainable management of forest resources, and the environmental benefits and performance of forest products. Since 1995, SFI program participants have invested more than $1.3 billion in forest research activities.


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Applying for a Grant

SFI will be initiating some changes to the Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant program in Fall 2015 to make the program even more impactful and user friendly. You won't see our usual RFP in January this year. Instead, be on the lookout for notification in Fall 2015. We will be sure to keep you posted with updates along the way. To find out more about the RFP Grant process, click here.


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