SFI Grant Program Request for Proposals Process

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The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) announces its annual request for proposals (RFP) for the SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant Program in early fall of each year. Grants from SFI contribute to understanding the critical linkage between forests and communities across the range of American and Canadian forests, and represent SFI’s long-standing commitment to forest research. These projects provide the science-based data needed by resource professionals to improve forest management and to assess conservation values. SFI community grants build engagement at the intersection of sustainable forestry, responsible procurement and thriving communities. Although details may vary from year to year, you can review last year’s RFP instruction packet and timeline below. To request inclusion on the RFP distribution list and for general inquiries, please contact Rocco Saracina, Manager, Conservation Partnerships at Rocco.Saracina@sfiprogram.org, or by phone at 202-596-3459.

2016 Application Instructions and Grant Application Form

Click here to download the MS Word document form.


The proposal must be submitted via email in MS Word format (please, no hard copies) to grants@sfiprogram.org by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Monday, October 10, 2016. Applicants will be notified via email that their application was received.  Late proposals will not be considered. 

Proposals are limited to 8 pages total, must address all components of the Request for Proposals, and must follow the Grant Application Template provided in the application packet. Applications that do not follow this template, or which exceed 8 pages in length may not be considered.  Applicants should use 11 point or larger font. Applications are preferred in English, but applications for projects in Canada may be submitted in French. Please consult the complete Application Instructions by clicking here.


Event Date
Request for Proposals issued August 8, 2016
Proposals due to SFI, Inc. October 10, 2016 by 11:59 pm Easter Time (no exceptions)
Lead Organizations advised of results By December 19, 2016


Following is a brief description of the Conservation and Community Grant focal areas. Please consult the complete Application Instructions for more details. 

  • For Conservation Grant applications in this grant cycle, SFI Inc. is placing a priority on projects which measure, demonstrate, or establish methodologies to demonstrate, the conservation-related values of SFI-certified forestlands, or such values which result from application of the SFI Fiber Sourcing standard. Ideally such projects will be scalable to a regional, or bio-regional scale (e.g., Ponderosa Pine forests, Boreal Plains, Longleaf Pine ecosystem, the central hardwood forest, etc.). Particular attention will be paid to applications focused on conservation values in the areas of water, climate change (including both carbon attributes and forest resiliency), and biodiversity.

    Secondary priority will be placed on innovative projects related to the application of the SFI Forest Management or Fiber Sourcing standards, and particularly in the areas of forest health, wildlife, fish, biodiversity, or which support the growth of SFI certification within the Aboriginal/Tribal community, or which enhance the capacity of this community to assess and manage natural and cultural resources.

  • SFI Community Grants bring communities and forests together to help shape a sustainable future. In addition to projects focused on youth education, SFI is also focused on promoting respect for traditional Indigenous values, helping provide sustainable housing for low-income families, and supporting other projects to build understanding of the importance of responsible forestry. 



Inquiries regarding the Conservation and Community Partnership Grants Program are to be directed to the persons identified below. Information obtained from any other source is not official and should not be relied upon.

Request for inclusion on the RFP distrubtion list and general inquiries:
Rocco Saracina, Manager, Conservation Partnerships
Rocco.Saracina@sfiprogram.org | 202-596-3459

Conservation Grants: USA
Paul Trianosky, Chief Conservation Officer
Paul.Trianosky@sfiprogram.org | 423-571-2562

Conservation Grants: Canada
Andrew de Vries, Vice President, Conservation and Indigenous Relations
Andrew.deVries@sfiprogram.org | 613-424-8734

Community Grants: USA and Canada
Amy Doty, Manager, Community Outreach
Amy.Doty@sfiprogram.org | 202-596-3458