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Wood 4 Good


Working Together to Benefit Future Homeowners

The SFI-Habitat for Humanity Wood 4 Good Program has four pillars.


1. Champion and facilitate SFI Implementation Committees and partners participation in Habitat for Humanity Canada building projects.

This pillar allows us to build on the many Habitat-affiliate projects that SFI and SFI Program Participants have engaged in over the past five years. Our Habitat "How to" document is a summary of what it takes to get involved with a Habitat build. We encourage our Program Participants to get involved so we can continue to support various Habitat for Humanity projects in North America.


2. Create awareness of the benefits of sourcing certified wood and paper projects to the SFI Standard.

This pillar promotes activities like including green building rating programs and providing SFI documentation briefs to local Habitat affiliates to encourage the sourcing of certified building materials. Literature available from SFI.


3. Assist with supply chain solutions to provide SFI building materials to Habitat Affiliates.

This pillar, known as Waste Not Want Not, supports a quick and simple solution for SFI Program Participants to redirect or liquidate building materials by donating to Habitat for Humanity. These donations also come with a retail value tax receipt. With the hundreds of Habitat affiliates in Canada and the U.S., these products will end up benefiting future Habitat homeowners.

Accepted products include lumber, plywood OSB, engineered wood products, siding, flooring, and other building materials.

For product donations in the USA, please contact: Heather Sandoval

For product donations in Canada, please contact: Stephanie Ashton-Smith

Download the brochure here:

4. Identify collaborative solutions to support Aboriginal housing.

This pillar provides mutual opportunities to collaborate and promote initiatives to support healthy aboriginal communities.




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