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SFI and Scouts

Helping To Keep Our Forests Healthy 

Keeping our forests healthy means more than just replanting trees; it also means making sure habitats are healthy so the animals we love always have a place to call home. Organizations like SFI make sure that our forests are managed responsibly. That means they make sure companies use responsible practices when collecting (or sourcing) materials.

If a product has the SFI label it means it was came from a well-managed forest and by a company that cares about future forests. You’ll find the SFI label on things like paper, packaging and lumber.

Fun SFI & Scout Facts

Did you know?

  • Philmont Scout Ranch – One of BSA’s four national High Adventure Bases in the U.S; BSA achieved certification of 90,000 acres in New Mexico to the SFI Forest Management Standard in 2008, and has maintained certification ever since.
  • Summit Bechtel Reserve (i.e. the “Summit”) – BSA’s newest High Adventure Base located in West Virginia, and the new permanent site for the National Jamboree which occurs every four years. The Summit successfully achieved certification to the SFI Forest Management Standard in February, 2016 on approximently 13,000 acres.
  • In 2013, BSA launched its new Sustainability merit badge highlighting Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification within the text. This merit badge was added to the list of required merit badges for Eagle rank.
  • BSA’s two magazines, Scouting (for Scout leaders) and Boy’s Life (for Scouts) both carry the SFI on-product label for the paper these publications are printed on.
  • All new BSA Merit Badge books also carry the SFI on-product label.


Enjoying the Forest

SFI forests provide a place for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and fishing, mountain biking, horseback riding, geocaching and so much more! Just being in the forest is good for your health!











What Types Of Animals Live In 
The Forest?

Forests cover about 33% of the land in the United States and about 41% of the land in Canada, and billions of animals like wolves, elk, birds, bears and caribou call these forests home! Our forests and the animals 
living in them are important to our future. From the air
 we breathe to the water we drink, forests touch our lives every day. That’s why it’s important that we help conserve these habitats by making sure that the forest products we buy (like paper and wooden toys) come from responsibly sourced materials.The forest is home to tens of thousands of species, the boreal forest, in Canada, alone is home to over 30,000 species, and billions of animals rely on it at some point during the year. The forest is important habitat for millions of mammals, birds, and aquatic species. Forests certified to SFI help protect animals that are threatened or endangered, as well as those that are not.


Look for the SFI Label and Ask for It

If a product has the SFI label it means it was sourced from a certified forest and by a company that cares about how forests are managed. Look for the SFI label when you buy stuff for your home: food containers, boxes, napkins paper plates and cups, printer paper, grocery bags, lumber, envelopes, and even maple syrup and much more. 

Don't just look for the label, ask for it too! Ask your grocery store and home office supply store to stock SFI-certified products, tell your favorite pizza restaurant to use SFI-certified pizza boxes. There are lots of ways that you can support future forests!


What Can a Tree Make?

Many things come from the forest. Some trees are used to make houses, offices, bridges and other buildings. See below for some examples of other items that come from forests.


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