Kathy Abusow - President and CEO,
Sustainable Forestry Initiative
Independence & Inclusion
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Larry Selzer

Members of the SFI Board of Directors are proven leaders – they include forest sector representatives, as well as academics, wildlife ecologists, government officials, landowners, forest professionals and tree farmers. They are fully independent and accountable, and represent environmental, economic and social interests equally. The board sets and implements the SFI forest standard following a public review, and it is the only body that can modify the standard.
Rigorous 3rd Party Audits
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Mike Ferrucci

Independent, accredited certification bodies with appropriate knowledge and skills conduct the thorough, consistent audits needed to make sure forest operations meet SFI's comprehensive standard requirements. They start by examining internal records; then visit the sites to see what is happening in the forest. If they are not satisfied the performance meets SFI Standard requirements, they will not issue an SFI certificate.

Scott McDougall

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