Mike Ferrucci - NSF-ISR Forestry
Program Manager and Lead Auditor
Independent audits are the cornerstone of voluntary SFI certification. They assure customers that wood and paper products are from forests managed to meet all the relevant objectives, performance measures and indicators set out in the comprehensive SFI 2015-2015 Standards. Qualified, accredited and impartial certification bodies review internal records and on-the-ground performance – from worker training to habitat protection. They certify large areas with complex management, so planning is critical. Each team has the necessary expertise in certification protocols and resource issues to assess conformance. They follow established, international norms and, because SFI audits must follow ISO 17021, they test implementation, not development, so requirements must be met. Few non-conformances are allowed; and certification is denied if there are any major non-conformances. Certification bodies can be accredited to conduct audits for more than one certification program, which means the same people sometimes conduct audits for SFI and the Forest Stewardship Council.
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The Facts on Responsible Forestry – the following  debunks the myths and inaccuracies between SFI and FSC in the marketplace.