Larry Selzer - CEO of The Conservation Fund
Leading forest certification standards like SFI involve all forest stakeholders in standard development and program activities. The independent SFI Board of Directors has three chambers representing environmental, social, and economic interests equally, providing the balance needed to address a variety of needs fairly and responsibly. SFI has evolved since it began 20 years ago. What has not changed is that SFI listens to and engages with diverse groups and reports results publicly. It has a community network and external involvement unsurpassed by any other certification standard. The independent SFI External Review Panel offers expert advice to the board, and 34 SFI Implementation Committees – made up of community groups, conservation organizations, loggers, academia, local forest companies and government agencies – extend the local reach of the program. When the goal is ensuring responsible management of our forests, we need to involve as many individuals and organizations as possible. By sharing ideas, resources and enthusiasm, SFI and its many partners accomplish a lot more in the forest, in communities and in the marketplace.
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The Facts on Responsible Forestry – the following debunks the myths and inaccuracies between SFI and FSC in the marketplace.