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Getting Certified

Hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals – from forest managers to conservation groups – are saying yes to the SFI program, and the numbers continue to climb.

Forest managers or owners are saying yes to the SFI program by promoting sustainable forest management on their own lands and sharing this knowledge when they buy fiber from non-certified land.

Manufacturers and printers are using SFI labels to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility, showing customers they care about forest management and meeting the growing demand for SFI-labeled products.

Retailers are featuring SFI-labeled products to attract environmentally aware customers who want to buy forest products from legal, responsible sources.

Consumers are looking for the SFI label so they can support organizations that care about how forests are managed.

Conservation groups are working with SFI Inc. and program participants on projects designed to achieve common environmental goals.

Government officials are creating procurement policies that give preference to certified products from credible programs such as SFI.

Resource professionals are partnering with SFI Inc. and SFI Implementation Committees to promote and strengthen forest management practices across North America and responsible procurement globally.


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