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Benefits of SFI Certification

For consumers, looking for SFI labels

  • Tells them they are buying products from a certified forest or certified sourcing.
  • Empowers them to make responsible environmental decisions.
  • Lets them help improve global forest management, and avoid products from illegal sources or from areas without effective social laws.
  • Makes buying decisions easier despite the complexity of world markets.
  • Allows them to reward companies that are environmental leaders.


For businesses, using SFI labels

  • Demonstrates their corporate social responsibility.
  • Improves their corporate image by showing environmental leadership.
  • Expands their market share by attracting a growing number of consumers who are environmentally aware shoppers.
  • Offers access to international markets through mutual recognition programs
  • Strengthens their procurement and environment policies with wood and fiber from certified forests or certified sourcing.
  • Provides a steady supply of quality products through a widely applied and rigorous standard.


For communities and conservation groups, SFI certification

  • Encourages public and community involvement in forest management activities and standard development.
  • Promotes science and research to improve forestry practices.
  • Protects important forest values, from water quality to habitat.
  • Protects lands with ecological, geological, historical or cultural significance.
  • Supports activities that promote the conservation of biodiversity hotspots and high-biodiversity wilderness areas and tackle illegal logging.
  • Broadens the practice of responsible forestry in North America through training and outreach.
  • Supports the rights of workers and local communities.


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