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President and CEO

Kathy Abusow became President and CEO of SFI Inc. in 2007, the same year that the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® became a fully independent, non-profit organization. Since Kathy joined SFI, forests certified to the SFI® Forest Management Standard have grown from 140 million acres/56 million hectares to more than a quarter billion acres/100 million hectares across public and private lands from Canada’s Boreal to the US South.

Kathy has led, moderated, and spoken at well-respected international, US and Canadian forums including the Greenbuild International Conference, the Economist’s World Forest Summit, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Quebec Forestry Industry Council annual meeting, and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certifications (PEFC) Stakeholder Forum.   

Kathy sits on numerous technical and advisory committees and is also a member of the board of the World Forestry Center, and is Chair of the PEFC U.S. Governing Body. She also sits on Canada’s LIFT Philanthropy Partners’ National Leadership Council, and is a founding member of Nature Canada’s Women for Nature Initiative.

Kathy earned an undergraduate degree from McGill University, with studies at Leningrad State University, and an M.A. from Harvard University with a concentration in sustainable development of natural resources.  



Executive Assistant to
President and CEO, Kathy Abusow



COO and Senior VP, Public Affairs

Nadine is responsible for federal, state, and international government activities related to forest management, green building, bioenergy, environmental purchasing, and combating illegal logging. Nadine also oversees organizational operations related to finance, HR, and other business matters. Prior to joining SFI in 2010, she held positions as Director of Forest Policy at the American Forest & Paper Association and Program Manager at the Pinchot Institute for Conservation. Nadine has over 20 years of experience in natural resource policy focusing on public and private forest management, climate change, renewable energy, and international forest policy. Nadine holds a master of forestry degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a bachelor’s degree in biology from Williams College. 



Senior VP, Customer Affairs

Jason leads the customer outreach efforts at SFI.  This includes working directly with companies in the wood and paper supply chain including forest landowners, manufacturers, merchants, lumberyards, dealers, wholesalers, printers and end users.  Jason also leads efforts on SFI recognition in green building rating tools and oversees the Office of Label Use and Licensing, which administers the rules and procedures for SFI on-product label usage.  Jason has worked SFI issues since 2001, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Northern Arizona University.  He is a member of the Society of American Foresters and sits on a number of committees related to forest certification and labeling.



VP, Conservation and Indigenous Relations

Andrew oversees SFI's Canadian conservation program and engages Native Americans, First Nations and Metis groups in the development and use of the SFI standard. Andrew also works with governments in Canada on forest management and conservation policies. He has worked in western and central Canada, western US and Costa Rica, and has over 2 decades of experience in natural resource management at both the company and national policy level – most of which has been in the forest sector. Andrew has participated in numerous committees related to fish and wildlife conservation, aboriginal relations, forestry research, and human resources. Andrew holds a M.A. and B.Sc from the University of Calgary.


VP, European Affairs
+ 41-79-291-6240

James represents SFI in Europe. Based in Geneva, he provides on-the-ground representational services focused on promoting SFI with key European audiences, primarily consumers, government agencies, and the conservation community. He also works with global business and non-business groups on solving challenges and developing opportunities associated with sustainable supply chains, independent performance assessment, stakeholder engagement and public-private partnerships. James has a 30-year work history in the government, business and non-government organization (NGO) sectors. He has had a particular focus on sustainable forest management since the mid-1990s. At the World Business Council on Sustainable Development, from 2002 to 2014, he led the Council’s work on natural capital including the establishment of biodiversity, water and forestry programs and development of ecosystem risk assessment, management and valuation tools. He holds undergraduates degrees in Psychology, Political Science and International Relations from Victoria University (Wellington, New Zealand) and a Masters in Political Science from the University of Hawaii (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA).


Chief Conservation Officer

Paul provides leadership for SFI’s conservation programs, principal liaison with conservation organizations, and guidance toward the development of standards and programs that ensure the attainment of conservation objectives. He works to maintain partnerships, grow the network of conservation organizations involved in the SFI Program, and to ensure relevance of SFI’s work in promoting sustainable supply chains and responsible sourcing. Paul oversees SFI’s Conservation Impact initiative and its Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant Program. He monitors conservation research developments and advancements in sustainable forestry to identify opportunities to further the SFI Program and activities of SFI Program Participants. Paul brings nearly 30 years of experience in forestry, non-profit management, forest certification, collaborative partnerships, and landscape-scale conservation. Before joining SFI, Paul was Director of Southern Forest Conservation for the American Forest Foundation. Prior to AFF, Paul held numerous positions with The Nature Conservancy for almost 20 years, including roles in executive management, and nearly 10 years directing forest conservation strategies in the southeastern United States. Paul has a B.S. in Forest Resource Management from Virginia Tech, and a Masters of Environmental Management from Duke University.


Senior Director Standards

Gregor supports the SFI Standard review process, pilot projects and task forces, and serves as staff liaison for the External Review Panel and the SFI Resources Committee. He manages auditor accreditation programs, coordinates the complaint process and deals with interpretations of SFI certification standards. Gregor joins SFI after many years working in the field of forest certification auditing where his focus areas included environmental and sustainable forest management performance, chain of custody auditing and forest carbon accounting. He has professional experience in the United States, Canada and China. Gregor is a Certified Forester with the Society of American Foresters and holds the SAF Certified Forestry Auditor designation.



Director, SFI Forest Partners® Program

Barry Graden oversees the SFI Forest Partners® Program aimed at growing SFI certification among medium sized landowners and mills, and supports the SFI program's community activities including SFI Implementation Committees and SFI’s partnership with Boy Scouts of America.  Before joining SFI Barry accumulated over three decades of experience working in the forest products industry.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Forestry from Iowa State University and an MBA from Winthrop University.  He is an Eagle Scout, a Certified Forester with the Society of American Foresters and a licensed Forester in the state of South Carolina.



Director, Marketing and Design

Monika directs and develops the marketing and corporate brand identity for the SFI Program. She designs and produces a range of print and interactive material including SFI’s annual progress report, fact sheets, brochures, posters, infographics and outgoing communications. Monika also produces the collateral material for SFI’s annual conference, and collaborates with the SFI community and stakeholders to assist in developing material. She holds an BA in business, with a minor in Spanish, and an MBA, both from Westminster College in Salt Lake City.



SFI Manager, Office of Label Use and Licensing

PEFC US Governing Body Secretary

Rachel works directly with companies in the wood and paper supply chain. She manages SFI’s Office of Label Use and Licensing, answering questions on label usage, reporting and certification from everyone from forest landowners, to the end users of forest products. In addition, Rachel manages the SFI database and heads up collecting and analyzing SFI’s annual reporting data. Rachel is also the main contact for the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) in North America. She holds a Master of Science from Albert-Ludwigs-University and speaks German fluently.



Manager, Community Outreach

Amy serves as the staff liaison to the SFI Implementation Committees, SFI Inc.’s grassroots network. She also plans and directs meetings to ensure strong opportunities to engage the SFI community. Key events include the SFI Annual Conference, committee meetings and workshops. Amy also manages the SFI Community Partnerships Grant Program, which engages local communities through a variety of initiatives including youth outreach, forest education programs, and green building projects for low-income families. Amy is also the first point of contact for organizations interested in participating in the SFI Program. Amy received her bachelor of science in natural resource recreation from Virginia Tech, with a minor in forest resource management.



Business Manager

Julia manages the Washington, DC office and administers all accounting functions for SFI Inc. She also develops and implements the SFI tradeshow strategy and supports other marketing initiatives like managing major mailings. Julia’s responsibilities also include ensuring legal and operational compliance, including managing tax filings and other operational filings. Accounts payable and receivable, annual financial audits, and budget tracking are also part of her work along with managing service providers and human resources. She holds a bachelor of arts in music from Goshen College in Indiana. 



Coordinator, Statistics and Label Use

Rachel supports the SFI Office of Label Use and Licensing, managing label requests, certificate information, audit reports and special projects. Rachel received her bachelor of science in wildlife science from Virginia Tech, with minors in biology and natural resource recreation. She earned a master of science in biology from the University of Western Ontario.

Rachel is currently on maternity leave and will be returning January 2018. Please contact Zachary Wagman in her absence.



Manager, Conservation Partnerships

Rocco plays a key role in strengthening SFI’s relationships with conservation organizations and universities. He administers SFI’s Conservation and Community Partnership Grant Program, which funds innovative projects that advance understanding of sustainable forestry practices. Rocco leads SFI’s efforts to engage the next generation in becoming future forest leaders by administering SFI’s Student Sponsorship Program which supports student engagement at SFI conferences including student mentorship. Rocco’s role includes conducting research on a wide range of topics including environmental policy, conservation, bioenergy and green building. Outside SFI, Rocco serves as the Chair-Elect of the National Chapter of the Society of American Foresters, where he is responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership. Rocco earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental science with a minor in wildland soil science from Humboldt State University. He is currently enrolled in Virginia Tech’s executive master of natural resources program, with a concentration in sustainability leadership. Rocco’s extensive travel in Honduras has informed his view of the relationship between the economy and the environment.



Administrative Coordinator

Amanda supports the Washington, DC office in an administrative capacity, assisting with tradeshow activities, event planning, accounting procedures and vendor relations. She also manages the SFI Store and ensures the production and fulfillment of orders. She graduated magna cum laude from Ithaca College in 2014 and holds a bachelor of arts in writing with a minor in environmental studies.