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January 2013 Newsletter

SFI Program Update: January 2013

Building on a Banner Year!

by CEO Kathy Abusow 


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We head into 2013 with a number of noteworthy SFI milestones paving the way, including a record 200 million acres certified to the SFI forest management standard. We will build on our Forest Partners Program established last year with founding partners Time Inc., National Geographic, Macmillan and Pearson. And, we plan further collaboration between businesses, government agencies and universities through projects such as a 2012 SFI grant to the Forest Ecosystem Science Co-Operative in Ontario for research into mitigating the effects of tree harvesting.


In addition, the first Aboriginal registered professional forester in British Columbia, Chief David Walkem joined the SFI Board at a time when nearly 30 First Nations have chosen the SFI standard on five million acres of forestland. We will augment our many community partnerships such as the Memorandum of Understanding with the Boy Scouts of America launched last year and we can anticipate more states following the 2012 lead of MaineGeorgia, and Oregon in issuing executive orders for renewable and well-managed wood products in green building. SFI also kick starts 2013 with 105 Members of Congress and Governors pushing for SFI's inclusion in LEED. On top of all that, the platform used for the 57th Presidential Inauguration this week featured wood certified to the SFI standard!  

Updated WRI Guide Applauds SFI Procurement Practices


The latest edition of the  Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-based Products Guide continues to recognize SFI as a credible third-party certification program with procurement requirements that allow buyers to know forest products are from legal and responsible sources. The guide, produced by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Resources Institute, contains information to help company managers who buy wood and paper-based products develop and implement procurement policies. The second edition, released in July 2011, includes more tools and procurement policy comparisons. SFI procurement requirements are once again included in a list of selected tools to support sustainable procurement of both wood and paper-based products.

SFI has an App for That!


SFI has collaborated with Print Apply developers to include SFI paper product information in a recently released, free iPhone app. The app offers a variety of tools and information used every day in the printing and graphic arts industry. It was sponsored by SFI-certified Western States Envelope. Look for SFI in the Certified Papers section! Download the app from iTunes. Email rachel.dierolf@sfiprogram.org with any SFI paper product updates and comments.


Certification Body

Another certification body, BM TRADA Certification North America, has joined the existing nine organizations accredited by ANSI or SCC to conduct SFI COC audits. Companies interested in contacting BM TRADA should visit our website where all SFI accredited certification bodies and their contact info are publicly posted here.

Save The Date!



**SFI Staff News**
Welcome Monique! 


Monique Hanis has joined SFI as our new Vice President of Communications & Marketing, and as Chief Operating Officer.  Monique is a seasoned communications and marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience in the banking and solar energy industries, specializing in financial management and supervising high performance teams. She earned her bachelor's in economics from Rutgers University and her masters in international management concentrating in finance from Thunderbird School of Global Management. She is director on the board of the International Association of Business Communicators for the Washington, D.C. chapter.



Welcome Gregor! 


Gregor Macintosh has joined SFI as our new Sr. Director of Standards and lead on the SFI Standard review process, pilot projects, task forces, and as staff liaison for a number of committees. A certified forester, Gregor also has many years of international experience as a certification body auditor with KPMG focusing on environmental and sustainable forest management performance, chain of custody auditing and forest carbon accounting. 



Congratulations Jason Metnick & Nadine Block!


Jason has been promoted to VP Customer Affairs and Nadine Block to VP Public Affairs.




These new additions and changes position us solidly as we head into our standard revision and communicate the strengths of SFI to customers in the supply chain and government agencies alike. 


Visit our Contact Us page for all of our staff contact information. 


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Issue Date: January 24, 2013


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