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January 2016 Newsletter


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Need help keeping your New Year's resolutions?
Forests can help keep you on track!
Many of us made New Year's resolutions that we'd really like to keep. Popular ones include getting more exercise, spending more time with family, reducing stress, helping out the community and living greener. Look no further than your nearest forest to help you keep all these resolutions and more. 

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SFI 2015 Scorecard
What a tremendous year 2015 was for the SFI community! Review the year's accomplishments highlighted in SFI's 2015 year-end scorecard

SFI in the News

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Conservation Impact - Capturing the Value of Certification
We all instinctively know that conservation is a good thing. But how do you measure its impact? SFI is working hard to quantify the conservation impact of its work, its connection to sustainable supply chains, and important conservation outcomes like water quality, biodiversity, and resiliency to climate change.
The more we can use data to make the connection between responsible forest management, conservation impact, and sustainable supply chains, the more we can encourage good decisions by both forest managers and consumers. That's good news for conservation and good news for forests. 
With close to 270 million acres (100 million hectares) of forest land in North America certified to the SFI Forest Management Standard and millions more positively influenced by SFI Fiber Sourcing, we know intuitively that SFI's conservation impact must be considerable. Read more about SFI's work to quantify its conservation impact 
Highlights from PEFC Week
Promoting sustainable forest management and having it recognized and rewarded in the supply chain from the local to the global level was a key priority shared by delegates who attended the 2015 PEFC Forest Certification Week in December in Montreux, Switzerland. PEFC and SFI issued a joint press release relaying the many highlights from the week. Ben Gunneberg, PEFC International's CEO and Secretary General, opened the 20th PEFC General Assembly noting that "As a grassroots organization PEFC has an extremely important role to play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as we can deliver 14 of the 17 UN goals on the ground through our work with forest certification and forest-dependent communities."

Other Highlights: 
The week also saw new PEFC International Board members voted in, including Brian Kernohan, Director of Policy and Environmental Advocacy at Hancock Natural Resources Group, an SFI Program Participant. New Zealand was recognized as the latest country to achieve PEFC endorsement. And Wang Wei, Chairman of the China Forest Certification Council (CFCC), detailed the Chinese government's announcement regarding new national Forest Certification Rules which set the requirements for all forest certifications operating in China.
Get Social with SFI
The SFI Community continues to grow - from landowner to brandowner, conservation and community organizations, university professionals and students, government agencies to resource professionals.
We are excited to share not only our stories but the SFI Community's news. We hope to keep everybody up to date on all of our activities too, so please take a few minutes to tweet and post your thoughts or send us your stories so we can share them for you: 


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