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July 2014 Newsletter


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Supporting Ecosystem Restoration 

The Longleaf Alliance, a non-profit organization focused on ensuring a sustainable future for the longleaf pine ecosystem, is the proud recipient of a SFI 2014 Conservation Grant. This SFI funding will help expand the longleaf pine ecosystem by helping landowners maintain and expand markets for this valuable species.


The Longleaf Alliance is using SFI funding to provide landowners with the communication tools and facts they need to show timber buyers that longleaf pine is being harvested sustainably, and that active markets are essential to its restoration. 


"The USDA has been working with local partners to restore the longleaf ecosystem for a long time. We recognize that markets are an essential factor in motivating landowners to plant longleaf, so we're pleased to see SFI working with The Longleaf Alliance to provide this important information to companies that use forest products," said Robert Bonnie, Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


The SFI grant will also enable The Longleaf Alliance to work cooperatively with partners from the private sector interested in promoting longleaf restoration including the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Resource Management Service, LLC, Forest Investment Associates and International Paper.

SIC Spotlight: Michigan -- Greening of Detroit

The Michigan SFI Implementation Committee joined The Greening of Detroit's 2014 Citizen Forester Program. More than 135 volunteers, 24 Citizen Forester volunteers, and 10 staff turned out on a Saturday to roll up their sleeves and help plant over 100 trees.


The Greening of Detroit is a nonprofit that works to improve the ecosystem in Detroit through tree planting projects, environmental education, urban agriculture, open space reclamation, vacant land management, and workforce development programs.


The Michigan SFI Implementation Committee worked with the Greening of Detroit and other partners, including the US Forest Service, MASCO Corporation Foundation, Foundation Beyond Belief, and SFI through the SFI Community Partnership Grant Program.


The committee also donated 300 copies of the book Why Would Anyone Cut a Tree for kindergarten to grade five students. Published by the U.S. Forest Service, it features 28 full-color, hand-painted illustrations that teach children, parents and educators about reducing tree hazards, protecting other trees, managing forests for timber products and planting trees.


For more information on the project, contact Howard Lindberg, chair of the Michigan SIC.

Register for the SFI Annual Conference in Montreal!

The work you do today will help shape our future forests. Join us at the 2014 SFI Annual Conference -- September 16-18 in Montréal. We are bringing together stakeholders across a broad spectrum, from landowners to brand owners, to chart a course for the forest of the future.


The SFI Annual Conference will offer:

  • action-oriented discussion about conservation initiatives and sustainable communities from Canada's boreal to the U.S. South and beyond;
  • a diverse range of voices representing environmental, economic and social organizations with a take in our forests' future; and
  • critical insights on growing certification through the value chain.

SFI Conference participants include a wide cross-section of individuals and organizations who rely on the health of future forests, including forest managers, customers, landowners, manufacturers, printers, researchers, conservation and community organizations, retailers, Aboriginals and Tribal Nations, sustainability coalitions and government agencies.


This year the conference is in Montréal, Quebec, a city for people who really know how to live. Come and share the passion Montréalers have for food, nightlife, sports and entertainment. From cobblestone streets and historic architecture in Old Montréal, to sleek office towers, fabulous museums and shopping downtown, Montréal really stands out. A truly bilingual city where English and French exist side by side and people feel at home in either language.


Don't miss out. Register Now for SFI 2014 and visit our conference website for registration details, travel information and more.

Danny Karch Featured on Built to Last

In case you missed it, check out Danny Karch speaking on sustainable forestry and green homes on the Lakeshore Public TV show Built to Last: The Green Home.


Karch explains how forest certification offers a valuable proof point for those that want building materials from responsibly managed forests. Certification also gives architects and builders influence on the future of our forests when they source products certified to the SFI Standard.


Watch "Built to Last: The Green Home" on YouTube.



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