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March 2014 Newsletter



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Minnesota SIC -- Making a Difference in Our Communities
2013 Community Grant Update
The Minnesota SFI Implementation Committee has developed an interactive educational kiosk that will soon be up and running at the Forest History Center which welcomes 20,000+ visitors annually. In addition to promoting the SFI program and responsible forest management to youth, the kiosk will be expanded to include a display of products certified to SFI.
Winning "Sustainability/SFI" Derby Car

We told you last month that Scouts from Pack 32 were in the process of designing their SFI Chain of Custody certified Pinewood Derby cars with a sustainability theme in mind. This month we get to show you the winning car!  For more information about the project, contact Tim O'Hara with Minnesota Forest Industries and the Minnesota SFI Implementation Committee.

SFI Inc. and Habitat for Humanity International expand mutual support for responsibly built affordable homes

SFI and Habitat for Humanity International have signed an MOU focused on expanding cooperation between the two groups based on their shared common values: an equally strong commitment to communities of North America and the sourcing of certified building materials from responsibly managed forests. 


SFI and many of its program participants have sponsored Habitat builds by supplying volunteers, as well as building materials certified to the SFI Standard to Habitat affiliates in the U.S. and Canada. SFI has also worked with the National Association of Home Builders and Built Green Canada to support green building certification of Habitat homes.
SFI President Joins Nature Canada's Women for Nature Initiative as a Founding Member
Nature Canada's Women for Nature Initiative brings together the leadership, knowledge, experience and passion of amazing women across Canada who are committed to nature conservation and youth education. The Women for Nature initiative was launched on Parliament Hill on February 4 in Ottawa. SFI's President and CEO, Kathy Abusow, took part in the launch as a founding member, along with other Women for Nature, Senators Janis Johnson and Nancy Green Raine, and Members of Parliament Stella Ambler, Linda Duncan, Joyce Murray, Kirsty Duncan and Elizabeth May.


"This is an opportunity to celebrate a diverse group of accomplished Canadian women who have chosen to join Nature Canada in championing nature conservation," said Ian Davidson, Nature Canada's Executive Director. 

Payment for Watershed Services Webinar Link - 
In Case You Missed It!

SFI recently partnered with the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities to host a webinar for SFI Program Participants on Payment for Watershed Services. The webinar was attended by approximately thirty SFI Program Participants, several of which have expressed interest in further discussion with U.S. Endowment to explore possible opportunities. Though this idea is still in development, the Endowment intends to stimulate real connections between forestland owners and water utilities that could ultimately result in payments to owners for these ecosystem services. 


The February 14 webinar was recorded and is now available for viewing on SFI's webinar site. Highlights include:

  • Overview of successful examples of payment for watershed services;
  • Review of criteria considered to be necessary for these programs to develop;
  • Update on current efforts with the water utility community; and
  • Update and discussion on the potential role of landowners and managers in "payment for watershed services" programs.

If you have any questions please contact our Sr. Director of Conservation Partnerships:  Paul Trianosky.

New Milestone for SFI Forest Partners Program

Over half a million acres of timberland owned by The St. Joe Company have recently been certified to the SFI Standard as part of the Forest Partners Program. The majority of the timberlands are located in Northwest Florida and have become a proof point for responsible forest management.


This is terrific news for forestry and forest conservation in the U.S. South. St. Joe's holistic approach to managing the forest resource for values including land, water and wildlife, align with SFI's larger forestry and conservation objectives. This addition of over 521,000 certified acres is a significant contribution to our goal of increasing the amount of certified forests in the U.S.

Symposium on Forestry BMP Effectiveness in the Eastern US: May 12-15 in Blacksburg, Virginia
SFI is sponsoring a symposium that will review recent findings from forestry BMP effectiveness research. The "Symposium on Forestry Best Management Practice Effectiveness in the Eastern U.S.", organized by National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Society of American Foresters and Virginia Tech, will take place May 12-15, 2014, on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. This symposium will feature two days of invited and volunteered presentations plus a full day field tour of BMP effectiveness research. 
For more information on agenda, lodging, sponsorships, click here or download the symposium flyer.
First ever Energy Group certified to SFI gets U.S. Army Energy Contract
The U.S. Army recently announced plans to award a contract to ReEnergy Holdings LLC, an SFI Program Participant that produces renewable electricity from forest-derived woody biomass, for the purchase of up to 28 megawatts of electricity from their renewable energy biomass facility at Fort Drum, NY. This award would provide the army installation with "100 percent energy security and sustainability", according to the Army's Energy Initiatives Task Force. ReEnergy achieved certification to the SFI Standard last spring, and is the first company solely devoted to electricity production to be certified to the SFI Standard. ReEnergy owns biomass-to-energy facilities in New York and Maine.


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