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March 2015 Newsletter



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6 reasons to buy SFI and support future forests
On Wednesday, SFI Inc. released an infographic entitled 6 Reasons to Buy SFI and Support Future Forests on the TreeHugger website, an environmental content website that targets an eco-conscious consumer audience, which speaks to the benefits of buying SFI products. 
When you buy products with the SFI label you're not only purchasing a product that meets rigorous certification standards, you're also helping grow future forests, sustainable communities, conservation research, youth education, logger training and much more. 
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Watch Highlights from the 2014 SFI Conference in Montreal
2014 SFI Annual Conference Video
2014 SFI Annual Conference Video
The 2014 SFI Annual Conference was a huge success thanks to the SFI community. We came together in Montreal last year to chart a course for future forests. The future looks bright based on all the exciting things we learned about strengthening connections between healthy forests, sustainable communities and responsible purchasing. Click to watch the highlights and be sure to join us again this year October 6-8 in Olympic Valley, California.
SIC Spotlight - Michigan
SFI's President and CEO, Kathy Abusow, along with loggers, paper producers, urban foresters, university faculty and students and others interested in forest sustainability were in Gladstone, Michigan Feb. 25th celebrating SFI's 20 years, the new SFI Standards and Rules and the great work that our Michigan SFI Implementation Committee has done over the past few years. This event included more than 100 participants and received great local television and newsprint coverage. 

In total, more than a quarter-billion acres in North America are certified through the SFI's forest management standard. In Michigan there are more than 5 million acres of certified forest lands, with 77 percent of those acres being state-owned. Twenty Michigan companies are certified to SFI's Fiber Sourcing or Certified Sourcing label requirements and 44 companies are certified to the SFI Chain of Custody Standard.
BC Architects Win SFI Wood Design Award for Askew's Foods Uptown Store Design
Thinking outside the traditional big-box store approach has earned Allen + Maurer Architects the 2015 SFI Wood Design Award. The architectural firm is being recognized for its prominent use of wood in the new Askew's Foods Uptown Store in Salmon Arm, British Columbia.


The wood for the project was sourced from several local sawmills. The use of locally harvested Douglas fir, in a minimally processed form, dramatically reduced transportation costs and relied on workers in the local economy. Most of the wood was certified to SFI Standards and came from Interfor's Adams Lake Lumber mill, an SFI Program Participant, just 50 kilometres from the Askew's Foods store. Lumber from Sierra Pacific Industries, another SFI Program Participant, was also used.
Operational Guide for Forest Road Wetland Crossings
Now available on-line! This guide outlines what to expect in terms of water movement when building roads in a wetland. Use it when planning, building, monitoring or decommissioning a wetland crossing. Project partners include Louisiana Pacific, Ducks Unlimited Canada, FP Innovations, Spruce Products Ltd. and Weyerhaeuser. This guide was supported with funding from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. 
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Submit your photos to the SFI Photo Contest
Grab your camera and submit your photos to SFI's 2015 photo contest today! There are 5 categories: SFI Scenic Forests, Conservation/Biodiversity, Harvesting, Community and SFI Products. A winner in each category will receive a $250 gift card to AmazonSmile while 5 runner ups will receive a $50 gift card.  
  To qualify, all photos must be in accordance with the contest rules and must be submitted electronically by midnight (EST) on April 9, 2015.


For more information: http://www.sfiprogram.org/photo-contest/

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