“Power of Partnerships” On Display

It’s fitting that the themes for our 15th Annual Conference, is Power of Partnerships.  The world of responsible forestry and certification is so immense there is not a lot one organization can do […]

Certified Forest Products: A Great Choice for the Environment – Guest Blog on CNBC.com

Check out Conservation Fund President and CEO Larry Selzer’s great “guest blog” on CNBC.com. He outlines the critical role of forests in combating climate change and providing many other benefits. He also explains the […]

Supporting Habitat for Humanity

One of the things I absolutely love about the SFI program is our work with communities – it’s a natural extension to any forest management activities. Our partnerships with local Habitat for Humanity affiliates capture […]

Certification: cost or investment?

I recently had a conversation with Jeff Bi, Managing Director of Tralin Packaging (aka Tralin Pak) about the about the packaging marketplace and perceptions of certification overseas. Tralin Pak is based in China and is […]