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Shaping the SFI Standards: 60 day Comment Period Now Open

SFI’s mission is to advance sustainability through forest-focused collaborations. SFI invites all interested parties to participate in the SFI Standards Revision process. Working together is critical to ensuring the sustainability of our planet. People and organizations are seeking solutions that go beyond limiting negative impacts and make positive contributions to the long-term health of the planet. Sustainable forests, and products sourced from those forests, are a great tool in moving towards shared sustainability goals such as climate action, reduced waste, clean water, and economic development.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative – a trusted partner for nature conservation in Canada

Guest blog by: Eleanor Fast, Executive Director, Nature Canada When I began work at Nature Canada six months ago I asked my team for a list of key partners who I should introduce myself to. Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) was in the list of most trusted partners, and when I met with the SFI team at their smart new Ottawa [...]

Pursuing Our Dreams

Last week I found myself driving through central North Carolina following a meeting, and decided to pay a quick visit to my alma mater at Duke University. What I didn’t know at the time was that it was just a couple days prior to graduation, and the campus was teeming with excited parents and students. Once I considered the timing, [...]

The Great Cypress Swamp

There was a time when I began every morning by strapping my boots on… but that’s been a long time ago. Anymore, my morning routine is more likely to focus on a cup of coffee and finding my glasses. But even old foresters enjoy a chance to visit the woods, and so I jumped at the chance last week when [...]

Forest Are the Solution: A Vision of the Future at Earth Day Texas

Fear and uncertainty surrounds much of how we think about our planet. It seems that every week there is new information focused on imminent extinctions, critical resource depletion, or insurmountable ecological degradation. We fear that humanity is too late, that we have done too little, and we’re uncertain that our environment will continue to serve as the sanctuary it always [...]

A Legacy Worth Reflecting On: Heirs Property Preservation for African Americans in the U.S. South

SFI is known for constantly striving to improve sustainable forest management, elevate conservation, strengthen communities, and ultimately leave behind a legacy of vibrant future forests. Less well known are SFI’s efforts to promote another type of legacy — heir’s property preservation among African American forest landowners. Research shows that loss of land and declining asset values among African American forestland [...]

Have You Seen the Gorilla?

By Guest Blogger Daniel Scognamillo Ph.D., Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in the Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture at Stephen F. Austin State University. Have you seen that video where a group of students participating in an experiment on selective attention pass a ball to each other? At the beginning of the video you are asked: How many [...]

Community Building through Education: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

December is a great time of year. It has been cold for a few months now in the Northeast, yet the promise of time spent with family and restful holiday cheer serves as a warming reprieve for the soul. It’s also a great time for reflection. When I look back on my life I consider myself blessed for so many [...]

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Forest Certification and Traditional Practices Working Hand-in-Hand

By Guest Blogger: David Walkem Chief of the Cooks Ferry Indian Band, Merritt, British Columbia, President of Stuwix Resources Joint Venture, and an SFI board member At Stuwix Resources Joint Venture, we work hard to incorporate First Nations values into finding sustainable ways to use our renewable forest resources. That’s why it’s so gratifying that we were recognized today with [...]

Managing Change, For the Better

I suspect that most of us remember places that have changed in our lifetimes. Change is inevitable. And while it may be foolish to resist change, it is certainly wise to shape it. A long time ago, in the suburbs of northern Virginia, there were still a few places left where kids could commune with nature – tracts of woodland, [...]

Minnesota SIC Logger of the Year Harvests the 2014 Capitol Christmas Tree

By Guest Blogger: David Chura, Executive Director, Minnesota Logger Education Program On a crisp day in late October, the Minnesota SFI Implementation Committee (SIC) Logger of the Year - Jim Scheff - fired up his Husqvarna chainsaw and prepared to fell a towering 88 foot tall white spruce, soon to become this year’s U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. This specific tree has a [...]

By |November 3rd, 2014|Community, Good For Forests, Logger Training, Partnerships, White House|

About Old Friends…

We’ve all had the experience of running into an old friend unexpectedly, and spending a moment of warm reminiscence, perhaps on a street corner or coffee shop. For a brief moment you’re united again, transported to a shared memory of some distant and interesting place. Last week, I had the great pleasure of seeing many old friends, and being reminded [...]

SFI Annual Conference Student Participants — As Diverse as the World’s Forests

Every year the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) annual conference brings together a cross section of conservation, academic and industry leaders united in a common goal: ensuring a future with healthy and vibrant forests. This year’s conference proved to be no different. Record-breaking attendance showed the great diversity of partnerships SFI has developed over the last two decades. One of SFI’s [...]

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Up the Creek with a Paddle

Years ago, I was executive director of a non-profit organization. Early in that period we were struggling financially, as many non-profits do from time to time. By way of encouragement, I would counsel my staff that we must paddle and bail at the same time. If we ceased bailing, we would sink; but if we ceased paddling, we would never [...]

“It Changed My Life”

I just heard that phrase again for the umpteenth time from someone in the natural resource profession. This time it was from Mike Wingfield of South Africa, the incoming president of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), as he recalled being invited by a prestigious colleague to participate in this global organization, dedicated to promoting international cooperation in [...]

Support from Diverse Communities is the Key to Sustainable Future Forests

Shaping the forest of the future requires cooperating with a wide range of interests today. The forest community must find common ground to ensure the sustainability of future forests. That’s why the SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) brings landowners and brand owners from across the supply chain together with communities, conservation groups and other key forestry interests to tackle the [...]

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