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High School Students MAP the Future of Forests at Michigan State University

Forest sustainability is one of most important tools to ensure a healthy planet and shared global prosperity. Despite great need for future leaders in forest conservation, there are difficult barriers for many youth interested in pursuing related degrees. The Multicultural Apprenticeship Program (MAP) at Michigan State University (MSU) seeks to change that. The program gives underserved high school students hands-on exposure to careers in sustainable forestry. In partnership with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, MSU wants to share their success and grow the program.

Minnesota SIC Logger of the Year Harvests the 2014 Capitol Christmas Tree

By Guest Blogger: David Chura, Executive Director, Minnesota Logger Education Program On a crisp day in late October, the Minnesota SFI Implementation Committee (SIC) Logger of the Year - Jim Scheff - fired up his Husqvarna chainsaw and prepared to fell a towering 88 foot tall white spruce, soon to become this year’s U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. This specific tree has a [...]

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About Old Friends…

We’ve all had the experience of running into an old friend unexpectedly, and spending a moment of warm reminiscence, perhaps on a street corner or coffee shop. For a brief moment you’re united again, transported to a shared memory of some distant and interesting place. Last week, I had the great pleasure of seeing many old friends, and being reminded [...]

SFI Annual Conference Student Participants — As Diverse as the World’s Forests

Every year the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) annual conference brings together a cross section of conservation, academic and industry leaders united in a common goal: ensuring a future with healthy and vibrant forests. This year’s conference proved to be no different. Record-breaking attendance showed the great diversity of partnerships SFI has developed over the last two decades. One of SFI’s [...]

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Up the Creek with a Paddle

Years ago, I was executive director of a non-profit organization. Early in that period we were struggling financially, as many non-profits do from time to time. By way of encouragement, I would counsel my staff that we must paddle and bail at the same time. If we ceased bailing, we would sink; but if we ceased paddling, we would never [...]

“It Changed My Life”

I just heard that phrase again for the umpteenth time from someone in the natural resource profession. This time it was from Mike Wingfield of South Africa, the incoming president of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), as he recalled being invited by a prestigious colleague to participate in this global organization, dedicated to promoting international cooperation in [...]

Support from Diverse Communities is the Key to Sustainable Future Forests

Shaping the forest of the future requires cooperating with a wide range of interests today. The forest community must find common ground to ensure the sustainability of future forests. That’s why the SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) brings landowners and brand owners from across the supply chain together with communities, conservation groups and other key forestry interests to tackle the [...]

2014 SFI Annual Conference Leaves a Lighter Footprint for Forests

Alterra Hetzel, Guest Blogger Forest Carbon Business Development Manager for The Conservation Fund Every day, The Conservation Fund works to prevent the loss of America’s last large and intact privately-held forest. With a core belief that environmental protection and economic vitality fundamentally reinforce one another, we strive to ensure the forests’ vital role in providing clean air, water and wildlife [...]

We Stand for the Future of Forests

Excerpt from the recently released 2014 SFI Progress Report: Future Forests SFI stands at the intersection of sustainable forests and sustainable communities. You are part of the SFI community, whether you are adding value through managing forestlands, elevating the impact of conservation research, working with youth or learning from elders, broadening market leadership through responsible purchasing, or even if you’re [...]

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Greening of Detroit – Working Together For the Future

By Guest Blogger: Howard Lindberg Chair, Michigan SFI Implementation Committee, and Senior Resource Forester, Plum Creek The other week I was excited to be a part of The Greening of Detroit’s 2014 Citizen Forester Program, where 138 volunteers, 24 Citizen Forester volunteers, and 10 staff turned out on a Saturday to roll up their sleeves to plant over 100 [...]

From Nature’s Perspective – Bringing Art into Environmental Experiences

By Guest Blogger: Kathy McGlauflin, Senior Vice President, Education, American Forest Foundation Project Learning Tree’s (PLT) 28th Annual International Coordinators’ Conference was held this year in Traverse City, Michigan in May. During this time, our network of over 120 environmental educators from across the US, as well as Japan, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, came together to network and  participate in [...]

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Restoration in Action: Communities for Healthy Forests Break Ground with SFI Grant Support

Forests do so much for us. They provide us clean air, filter our water, sustain an unbelievable breadth of plant and animal life, and offer an incredible sanctuary to recharge our spirits. They also provide us with the products that we use every day – wood for building homes and furniture, paper for packaging, rayon for clothing, and so much [...]

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White House Workshop Promotes Building with Wood

I had the great pleasure to participate in an exciting workshop yesterday hosted by the White House Rural Council and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The event touted the positive environmental and climate benefits of building with wood and also announced the launch of some great new initiatives from USDA. Participants at the workshop included architects, builders, designers, wood [...]

First SFI Award for North American Wood Design

I’m so very proud to be recognizing the use of wood certified to the SFI Standard in the beautiful construction of an extremely worthy project: the Canadian Cancer Society’s Kordyban Lodge Cancer Care Facility designed by NSDA Architects. “It’s an honour to receive this inaugural award and be recognized by both SFI and the Wood WORKS! BC program for NSDA’s [...]

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Conserving Our Future Forests Through Partnerships

Through my long career in forest conservation, I’ve observed that there are many “good things” that an organization can do to add value, “move the needle” forward on conservation results, and look to conserving our future forests. The real trick is figuring out the right things to do first. Photo Credit: American Forest Foundation Thankfully, there are innumerable organizations [...]

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Frigid in the Forests

It’s been an icy-cold week for most of North America, with many experiencing snowy scenes like this one. Joe Schwantes from Wisconsin shared this photo of his local forest last year. We’d love to see the winter wonderland in your backyard! Send a photo of your snowy forest (high-res please) to us at info@sfiprogram.org. We could feature your photo next! [...]

By |January 31st, 2014|Community, Good For Forests|
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