Wonder of Woodlands

Project Overview

The Alabama Forestry Foundation will develop learning materials and indoor/outdoor training sessions to educate stakeholders about some of the unique communities within Alabama’s landscape.
A $10,000 grant from SFI Inc. will help this project broaden the knowledge and expertise of foresters and loggers, and help tell the story of why it is critical to conserve Alabama’s diverse communities of animal and plant species. It will also help link how responsible forest management contributes to conserving this special ecosystem. Information on how to recognize, appreciate, and conserve these areas during active forest management will also be included.
Project Partners
In addition to the Alabama Forestry Foundation, partners include the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Alabama Forestry Commission, Alabama SFI Implementation Committee, Alabama Tree Farm, Auburn University’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service.
About the Alabama Forestry Foundation
The Alabama Forestry Foundation was founded in 1978 to advance knowledge of managing and using Alabama’s forests; promoting the stewardship and sustainable management of Alabama’s forest resources; and protecting the property rights of Alabama’s forest owners.