Nowhi ni’ nlt’eego anlish (Take Care of Our Land) San Carlos Natural Resource Youth Practicum (NRYP)

Project Overview
Nowhi ni’ nlt’eego anlish San Carlos Natural Resource Youth Practicum will be in its ninth year of hosting tribal students so they can learn about natural resources and Apache culture. The NYRP takes place 50 miles north of the community in wellness facility cabins in forested country.
During this practicum, which will receive $10,000 in grant funding from SFI Inc. in 2016 and 2017, Tribal elders will share traditional knowledge and history. Topics of study and hands-on activities will cover many disciplines such as wildlife, forestry, soils conservation, hydrology, climate, geographic information systems, watersheds, wetlands, archaeology and other environmental disciplines.
Project Partners
In addition to the San Carlos Apache Forest Resources Program, partners include the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service and San Carlos High School.
About San Carlos Apache Forest Resources Program
The San Carlos Apache Tribe’s respect for the natural world is rooted in a tradition of environmental stewardship. Today, the Forest Resources Program of the San Carlos Apache Tribe continues this deep-rooted tribal practice by planning and implementing natural resource management plans that work toward the healthy landscape conditions of pre-reservation times. Additionally, the Forest Resources Program also provides natural resource education and outreach as well as assistance for college.