Lion’s Park Boy Scout Hut Build

Project Description
Through the SFI Community Partnerships grant program, Auburn University’s Rural Studio completed a student design-build project. The Lion’s Park Boy Scout Hut provides the Boy Scouts of Greensboro, AL a much needed headquarters.
Supporting the SFI Standard
The project will support SFI 2010-2014 Standard Objective 7: Efficient Use of Forest Resources and Objective 17: Community Involvement in the Practice of Sustainable Forestry, including Performance Measure 17.2 requiring that program participants support and promote public outreach, education and involvement related to sustainable forestry management.
Project Partners
In addition to the Auburn University’s Rural Studio, partners include Boy Scouts of Greensboro, Al; Probate Judge of Hale County and the Greensboro, AL Lions Club.
About Auburn University’s Rural Studio
Rural Studio is an off-campus design-build program of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture at Auburn University. It gives architecture students a more hands-on educational experience. The students work within the community to define solutions, fundraise, design and, ultimately, build remarkable projects.