Homecoming Build 2016

Project Overview
Every year, more than 500 Clemson University students come together to build a Habitat house for a local family on the campus’ Bowman Field, during the 10 days leading up to the homecoming football game. Clemson University’s Habitat chapter will receive a $10,000 grant to build the 24th Annual Homecoming House.
After the 10-day build, the walls and roof are up, the drywall and siding have been hung, and the windows, doors, and basic electricity and plumbing have been installed. The house is opened for public viewing on Saturday, and then moved to a local neighborhood. Wood products certified to the SFI Standard will be used in the build.
Project Partners
In addition to the Clemson University Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, partners include the South Carolina SFI Implementation Committee and the Lutheran Campus Ministry at Clemson.
About Clemson University Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity
The Clemson University Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity was established in 1994 following its participation in the building of a home on Bowman Field during the 1993 homecoming celebration. Since then, the chapter has organized several outstanding projects, including the 2001 “Blitz Build” during which five houses were completed. In 2003, Clemson Habitat spurred the building of the first ever Youth United home in partnership with D.W. Daniel High School in Central, South Carolina.