Conserving Working Forest Wetlands

Project Description
FPInnovations will receive $95,000 over a three year period from the SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant program to develop a best management practices field guide to mitigate the impacts of roads on wetlands in forested regions of Canada. The method developed and promoted through this project reflects an approach which was common decades ago, but had long been abandoned for more “modern” construction methods. Refinement of the traditional approach to road building has proven to minimize short-term impact on wetland hydrology, and hasten recovery of the site. The resulting document will further understanding of wetland identification, processes and road planning, construction and maintenance techniques applicable throughout Canada.
This project builds on work previously funded by SFI through Ducks Unlimited Canada and Dalhousie University on innovative road construction practices involving wetlands, and initiates education and training through workshops, webinars and other opportunities. The cumulative knowledge developed through all of these projects will be used to develop a best management practices field guide for most Canadian resource roads, and may have utility in some contexts in the US. This project supports numerous elements of the SFI Forest Management standard, including those related to conservation of biological diversity, wetland conservation, adherence to best management practices for water quality, and continual improvement in the practice of sustainable forestry.
Project Partners
FP Innovations will partner with Ducks Unlimited Canada, Louisiana-Pacific, Resolute Forest Products, J.D. Irving, New Brunswick Department of Environment, and Weyerhaeuser.
Project Resources
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About FPInnovations
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