Hayward Brook Watershed Study – Acadian Forests 20 Years Later

Project Overview
Fundy Model Forest will receive $42,015 over two years from the SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant program to extend long-standing research exploring the effects of timber harvesting on forest biodiversity. This study provides a unique opportunity to study impacts 20 years post-harvest at a site where initial biodiversity studies were started in 1992. Using established research techniques, this project will revisit original study sites and plots to re-measure indicators related to water quality, fish, plants and birds to determine the extent to which initial disturbances have recovered or changed over time. Findings will provide data and recommendations for future forest practices, informing forest management applications on a broad range of sites. The project supports several elements of the SFI certification standard, including goals related to continual improvement, forest research, conservation of biological diversity, water quality, and wildlife habitat.
Project Partners
Fundy Model Forest will partner with a variety of academic partners and SFI Program Participants including the University of New Brunswick Saint John, the University of Moncton, and JD Irving Ltd.
Project Resources
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