Citizen Forester Program

Project Overview
Over the past several decades Detroit has lost tens of millions of trees due to resource constraints, urban expansion, Dutch Elm Disease and Emerald Ash Borer. As part of a comprehensive urban forest restoration effort SFI Inc. will provide $5,000 to support the Greening of Detroit’s 2014 Citizen Forester Program to recruit and train 50 new volunteer Citizen Foresters. The training program will inform participants about the SFI program and the importance of sustainable forest management and feature SFI-labeled products. The Citizen Foresters will then take on a leadership role in the subsequent tree plantings throughout Detroit as part of Greening of Detroit’s holistic approach to restore tree cover in a strategic manner providing a wide range of benefits to residents.
Supporting the SFI Standard
The Greening of Detroit’s Citizen Forester program supports the SFI program goals by strengthening sustainable forests, improving the sustainability of communities and addressing climate change. This grant directly addresses Objective 17: Community Involvement in the Practice of Sustainable Forestry and components of the SFI standard relating to aesthetics and recreation, and training and education.
Project Partners
The Greening of Detroit will partner with the Michigan SFI Implementation Committee.
Project Resources
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About Greening of Detroit
The Greening of Detroit is a well-established, nonprofit resource agency that partners with federal, state and local agencies, corporations and foundations to assist neighborhood groups, churches and schools in their efforts to improve the ecosystem in Detroit through tree planting projects, environmental education, urban agriculture, open space reclamation, vacant land management, and workforce development programs.
Transforming this city from a post-industrial urban center into a healthier, safer and greener environment will take commitment and a bold new way of thinking. We are ready for that challenge.