TIMB(R): Timber Innovations for Mississippi Buildings Reimagined

Project Overview
The Mississippi Forestry Foundation’s project will educate university students and architects in the value and benefits of building with wood by programming and designing a state-of-the-art wood structure for public outreach and education. The project will receive a $10,000 grant from SFI Inc. The building design will demonstrate innovative solid-timber construction and the sustainable practices learned by the students throughout the semester.
Project Partners
In addition to the Mississippi Forestry Foundation, partners include Mississippi State University College of Architecture Art and Design, Mississippi State University Department of Sustainable Bioproducts and Plum Creek.
About Mississippi Forestry Foundation
The Mississippi Forestry Foundation was established in 1964 by the Mississippi Forestry Association to promote and carry out educational, literary, scientific, and charitable programs to better conserve, develop, and protect the forest and related natural resources of Mississippi for the best interest of this and future generations.