Engaging Underserved Landowners in Alabama and Mississippi

Project Description
This project received $5,000 funding for outreach to, engage, educate, and support 120 minority and underserved landowners in counties with high African American land ownership. The focus will be to transition 20 landowners with “neglected” woodlands toward forest management and certification to increase their benefits from their woodlands and conserve environmental quality.
Supporting the SFI Standard
The project will support SFI 2010-2014 Standard Objective 1: Forest Management Planning and Objective 17: Community Involvement in the Practice of Sustainable Forestry, including Performance Measure 17.2 requiring that program participants support and promote public outreach, education and involvement related to sustainable forestry management.
About National Network of Forest Practitioners
The National Network of Forest Practioners promotes the mutual well being of workers, rural communities, and forests by supporting individuals and groups that build sustainable relationships between forests and people.