STEM Education of Sustainable Forest Practices

Project Overview
Sustainable forest management and conservation are essential parts to preserving forests for the future. For students to connect these ideas, first their teachers need to understand the issues too. That’s why SFI Inc. is providing the Pacific Education Institute $5,000 to host a sustainable forestry workshop for both science education professors who train future teachers and educators at environmental learning centers who facilitate Project Learning Tree (PLT). The workshop will include PLT’s Focus on Forests and Forests of the World modules with added material about the SFI Program. The workshop will include a SFI certified forest owner and a nearby forest analysis. This will allow participants to train other teachers about the importance of sustainable forestry and how the SFI Standard helps conserve the environmental, social, and economic values forests provide us. Graduating teachers will also be encouraged to access SFI or American Tree Farm System Forests for student field trips and other projects required by the national Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
Supporting the SFI Standard
The project will support SFI 2010-2014 Standard Objective 17: Community Involvement in the Practice of Sustainable Forestry, including Performance Measure 17.2 requiring that program participants support and promote public outreach, education and involvement related to sustainable forestry management.
Project Partners
Washington Forest Protection Association
Project Resources
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About Pacific Education Institute
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