SFI Is Helping Scouts Canada Support Future Forest Leaders

The EnviroMentality Initiative
Why this project matters
Today’s youth face barriers to experiencing the natural world around them and will face complex environmental challenges in the future­. Since 2007, Scouts Canada and Sears Canada have joined forces to promote Scouts Canada’s youth environmental programming through in-store fundraising events. This fundraising supports Scouts Canada’s EnvironMentality funding initiative.
EnvironMentality will support 20 environmental stewardship projects through an open call for proposals among the Scouting community. These initiatives could include learning about environmental and conservation issues, working on strategies for remediation and maintaining healthy ecosystems, and sharing best practices within communities to build momentum for other environmental stewardship projects.
A wide range of projects benefit from EnviroMentality funding including adopting and caring for community green spaces. Scoutrees is another signature project. Each spring, thousands of Scouts plant trees in every province, and in doing so they learn about the important role trees have in our lives, the critical need for conservation, and how we can do our part to create a better world.
Why is SFI involved?
SFI values this project because it will educate youth about the importance of environmental stewardship as an effective way to ensure the sustainability of the environment in the future. The hands‑on focus of the EnvironMentality projects also promises to engage youth in a fun and lasting way.
One of SFI’s priorities is to connect youth to forests through education. We look for ways to instill a lifelong appreciation for the value forests represent for biodiversity, the wider environment, sustainable communities, responsibly sourced forest products and for our shared quality of life. The educational focus of this project also supports SFI’s focus on encouraging the next generation of future forest leaders.
Our work with Scouts Canada, Girl Guides of Canada, Boy Scouts of America, and other youth organizations and school programs like Earth Rangers and Project Learning Tree helps build healthy kids. It also engages youth in conservation activities and outdoor education.
Our kids’ contact with nature keeps shrinking. Today’s emphasis on screen time and indoor play is also linked to psychological and physical effects like obesity, loneliness, depression and attention problems. Getting kids into forests and helping them learn about sustainability is good for forests and good for kids.
How the project builds SFI community engagement
Through the EnvironMentality project, Scouts Canada will have an opportunity to collaborate with SFI Inc. to launch community-based green initiatives. This will foster community engagement among SFI Program Participants, SFI Implementation Committees and other SFI partners.
SFI’s community engagement efforts include the work of SFI Implementation Committees, SFI Community Grants Partners and SFI Inc. initiatives. These efforts have helped elevate and enrich the connections between people and forests. Our community programs enhance the vital link that exists between healthy forests, responsible purchasing and sustainable communities.
This partnership includes community leaders, government and the not-for-profit sector.
  • Project lead: Scouts Canada
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • Sears Canada
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