Private Landowner Outreach in the Cape Fear Arch – Sustaining Working Forests

Project Description
In 2014, The Nature Conservancy, North Carolina Chapter was awarded $27,000 to conduct private landowner outreach within the Cape Fear Arch. The Cape Fear Arch is part of a larger landscape identified mutually by a number of agencies and NGOs as a significant landscape for longleaf conservation and restoration. By focusing on priority conservation areas, this project created a clear scientific link between ecologically significant features and landowner outreach, while building upon a 2013 SFI grant to American Forest Foundation which developed new methods for engaging landowners.
This project provided expert support for landowners in forest management and longleaf restoration through forest certification under the American Tree Farm System or SFI, drafting forest management plans, and developing working forest conservation easements. The project addressed a number of elements within the SFI Standard, including broadening the practice of sustainable forestry, managing lands that are ecologically, geographically, or culturally important in a manner that takes into account their unique qualities, and conservation of biological diversity.
Project Partners
For this grant the Nature Conservancy, North Carolina Chapter partnered National Wild Turkey Federation and Resource Management Service, LLC.
Project Resources
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