Since 2008, SFI Inc. and SFI Implementation Committees have partnered with Habitat for Humanity. The SFI community has donated countless volunteer hours and certified products to more than a dozen Habitat for Humanity builds across Canada and the U.S.

The partnership between SFI and Habitat for Humanity goes beyond just helping individual families have a home of their own — the wider community benefits as safe, affordable housing is added to a neighborhood. Habitat homes are also some of the greenest affordable housing developments in Canada and the U.S.  Using building materials certified to SFI means that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests, which benefits forests and the communities that rely on them.

SFI partners with both Habitat for Humanity International and Habitat for Humanity Canada and works on both sides of the border to improve quality of life, raise awareness of sustainable forestry and encourage green building using products certified to SFI. This partnership highlights the important benefits of healthy forests, responsible sourcing and sustainable communities.

In 2014, SFI and Habitat for Humanity Canada signed a memorandum of mutual support known as Wood 4 Good. This program encourages local home building through SFI’s grassroots network, increases awareness of sourcing wood products certified to the SFI standards, and helps make supply chains more efficient. The partnership also works to encourage collaborative solutions to support Indigenous housing in Canada.