SFI 2019 Highlights, Videos & A Look Ahead

2019 has been a great year, thanks to all of you for supporting SFI and committing to a sustainable future.
The SFI 2019 Scorecard shows key accomplishments across our Standards, Conservation, Community & Education pillars. One of the successes of 2019 was setting our new SFI Strategic Direction which calls on sustainably managed forests and the products derived from them to be part of the solution to local, national and global challenges including climate change, species loss, catastrophic wildfire and ocean plastics. Check out the video.
In 2020, Project Learning Tree will start to digitize our educational materials and commence our forest learning framework while PLT Canada will develop employer support tools including mentorship programs to provide employees and youth with a welcoming and diverse environment.
If you hadn’t heard, PLT Canada employee Zac Wagman biked across Canada on a wooden bicycle this summer meeting our 150+ green employers in the SFI network and the CPC network and connecting with some of the 2000+ youth that PLT Canada placed in green jobs this year and last. Check out this video for highlights.

Save October 21-23rd in 2020 for the SFI conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, as it is going to be an amazing event which will address important sustainability themes and the need to invest in both human and natural capital to sustain people and the planet. We will continue our conversation at this conference on the natural connection between the forest sector and the circular economy and delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals. Check out the video from our 2019 SFI Conference in Richmond, VA.

We succeed because of the strength of the SFI Network and your willingness to grow with us so everyone in this amazing sector can have a brighter future!

Happy Holidays!

Kathy Abusow
President and CEO


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