SFI Collaborating to Research and Protect Grizzly Bears

Allison Welde is SFI Director, Conservation Partnerships and Communications, and identifies areas of potential collaboration with conservation groups and other SFI stakeholders.

The BC Ministry of Environment Ecosystems Branch in partnership with the South Coast Conservation Program (SCCP) recently completed a technical review of grizzly bear habitats along British Columbia’s (BC) Pacific Coast. Noted coastal grizzly bear ecologist Grant MacHutchon was contracted by the BC Ministry of Environment Ecosystems Branch, with financial support from SFI to aid in the project. Approximately 1200 grizzly bear habitats were reviewed in the mid-coast portion of the project area along the BC coast. Some of the habitat areas were adjusted in size, shape or location because of new classifications or previous errors. This work has created a substantially more accurate and improved map and database of grizzly bear habitats on the mid-coast of BC. In turn, this information is currently being used by forest planners and others involved in the ecosystem management in this part of the BC coast region to reach a balance between humans and the environment.

The SCCP has been using grant funding from the SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant Program to develop materials and tools to identify and protect habitat and populations of forest-dependent plant and animal species at risk on 40.7 million acres/16.5 million hectares of forest on BC Pacific Coast, including grizzly bears. The core goals of this project are to bring together SFI-certified companies, including those owned by First Nations, government and conservation interests, to collaboratively develop material and tools to protect habitat and populations of at risk forest-dependent animal and plant species.

SFI’s Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant Program fosters partnerships between organizations interested in improving forest management in the United States and Canada, and responsible procurement globally.


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