SFI Excited to Hear from Postcard Underground

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SFI was delighted to recently receive a collection of postcards recognizing our work and positive impact on the environment and sustainable forests from the Postcard Underground. We admit to having to do a little research on the group and it turns out the Postcard Underground is a nationwide group of people who write to organizations and people who are making a positive impact in the world.

Our Chief Conservation Officer, Paul Trianosky, was the recipient of most of the cards and he was thanked for SFI’s diverse work in well-managed forests including ensuring the safety of our drinking water.

As a sustainability leader that stands for future forests and provides supply chain assurances, delivers conservation leadership, and supports environmental education and community engagement – we are committed to the diverse benefits that forests can provide.

Hearing from the Postcard Underground was a great surprise and we thank them for their recognition. Thank you as well to our diverse network for all that they do for future forests.

Here are a few notes from the postcards!

“Thank you for your good work in our forests, which will ensure the safety of our drinking water. I appreciate it!” – Kathy J., Billings, MT

“Thank you for broadening your outlook to include clean water concerns while being known for forestry. That kind of thinking is impressive and an important model for others, too!” – Anonymous

“In these especially challenging times, THANK YOU for taking the long view and doing what’s prudent to ensure resources for the future. My hat’s off to you!” – Mary Jane

“Many, many thanks for keeping our drinking water clean and our forests healthy. Bravo. We need more people like you in the world!” – Sue

“I’m so happy to hear that the certification processes for forests is paying off in cleaner drinking water. Your work is noticed and appreciated.” – Sue from Minnesota


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