SFI Inc. Committed to work with the Building Community to Support Responsible Forestry in Green Building

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December 06, 2010

On December 6th 2010, the US Green Building Council (USGBC) announced the Forest Certification Benchmark did not pass the member ballot process. “The conclusion of the benchmark process marks a new opportunity to work with the USGBC and other interests to find an alternative and workable solution moving forward, one that works for USGBC’s members and at the same time recognizes the benefits of wood in green building and the proof point offered by forest certification.” said Kathy Abusow, SFI Inc. President and CEO.

SFI Inc encourages the USGBC to work with all stakeholders including forest conservation and forest certification experts, small family forest landowners, social and environmental interest groups, government agencies, and designers and builders. We hope for a swift end to this issue so we can support one another in promoting green building and recognizing the value of wood and all credible forest certification standards as a proof point of responsible forestry.

For companies looking to use SFI-certified wood, there are a number of green building programs available in North America that promote the environmental benefits of wood and have an inclusive approach to forest certification. SFI will continue work with governments across North America at the municipal, state, provincial and federal level to promote green building choices. Currently one-third of all LEED projects are for government-owned or occupied buildings. For now the building community should forgo the one point in the certified wood credit and use SFI-certified products in LEED buildings to demonstrate their pride and support for North American forests, communities, and jobs.

For more information, contact Jason.metnick@sfiprogram.org