Hill Briefing – Supporting Wood Use in Green Building

Nadine Block, who focuses on Government Outreach for SFI, gives an overview of the Hill Briefings held in mid-June.

Last month SFI participated in briefings on Capitol Hill, and a remarkable panel helped bring awareness to […]

Blog 4 – SFI Statement on LEED: Expanding Inclusive Policies

In the final installment of the blog series about SFI’s LEED statements, I wanted to discuss how agencies, governments, and rating systems worldwide have embraced inclusive forest certification policies. Many organizations recognize multiple certification standards.

U.S. […]

New York Times on Forests and the Planet

The climate change bill pending in the U.S. Congress should include provisions that prevent the “destructive dynamic” of deforestation.  So says the New York Times in a recent editorial.  The editorial included some mind-boggling […]